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About the Restaurant Scoop: After growing Whereyoueat Media to great success we began to realize that there is still much information missing about the Local Restaurant World in the community.  Sure you can go see Menus, Photos and all other important information on the website but you still were not able to get your restaurant news.  After strong research we have decided that the “Restaurant Scoop” was a required addition to the company.  Through this Scoop we are able to provide various important restaurant news that is happening now.  We are the only up to date Restaurant News source in Staten Island, we have the strongest intelligence department in this field and use various sources to find Restaurant Grand Openings, Closings, Renovations and other important News.  You can count on the Restaurant Scoop to deliver you up to date information, photo walk-arounds for Grand Oopenings, Restaurant Reviews and even Restaurant Profiles.   Restaurant Profiles is the newest addition to this scoop itself and will give details on certain restaurants; When they opened, seating area, about the establishment and other interesting facts that will be linked straight from the Restaurant Detail pages themselves.

The Scoop is designed for simple navigation, similar to the main website, we want you to enjoy your experience while delivering information at the simplest way possible.
We hope you enjoy the Blog “Restaurant Scoop” as much as you have been enjoying the website and remember if you have any suggestions, please use the Contact Us.

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