Cafe Wolf opens in Park Slope

A Burger and Dessert Cafe ‘house’ opens up in Park Slope featuring a very open environment with doors that fully open to give a half open outdoor dining feel when sitting close to the outside.

View the complete Cafe Wolf Park Slope menus

The restaurant features a Dessert and Burger only menu with a few Salads, Entree’s and Breakfast options.  Lunch and Dinner options include a various style of burgers, Sirloin, Cowboy Cheese, Mexican Burger, California Burger, NY style, Napolean, North Side Burger, Brooklyn Burger made with beef bacon, Swiss cheese, green leaf and tomato.  Salmon Burger as well as Veggie Burgers are available and the house special “Wolf Burger” is a beef burger topped with smoked beef brisket, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onion, topped with barbecue sauce.

Entree options are small but do include Salmon, Chicken or  Skirt Steak.  Breakfast and Brunch options such as Organic Egg Platter served with Beef Bacon, Tomato and French Fries.  The Cafe Wolf Special Platter is served with Toasted Bread with Butter, topped with a poached egg served with sauteed spinach on the side.

Desserts is the really specialty here with a full side of the menu dedicated to items like Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Apple Tart, Chocolate Fondant, Kazandibi and the Cafe Wolf Special Desserts.  Smoothies option include Banana, Mango, Very Berry, Raspberry, Strawberry and Melon all at the price range of $5.00.  Hot Drinks, Shakes and Fruit Plates are all served at Park Slopes newest eatery.

Cafe Wolf is open 7 days for dine in, walk in and take out only.  There is no delivery available.

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