Camperdown Elm opens in Park Slope

It’s been a long wait but it’s finally here, a Bistro some may say or a wine bar with a menu to follow.  The menu is small but ultra focused and seems like it will be changing seasonally or even weekly.

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It’s an open room with a full bar spanning the restaurant.  On the menu is just 4 categories, Snacks, Small Plates, Mains and Sweets.  Camperdown Elm offers Grilled Cucumber, Ikura and Smoked Buttermilk for the starter of snacks.  East Coast Oysters, Squid Cracker, Fried Muffins are all available in Park Slope’s newest eatery.

Continuing to the small plates options include Cuttlefish, Octopus, Sweetbreads, Marinated Sardines, Asparagus and Broadbent country ham.  Mains include the Lamb, Carrots, Skyr, Farro and Pinenuts or go for the Arctic Char a dish served with Potato salad, mustard seed, lovage.  Crispy Rice with Grouper and Clams with Shiso is available as well.  Beef with market kale, Camperdown Steak Sauce.  This is a true taste testing for unique cuisine that is not following any other paths.

Sweets such as Key Lime Pie and Strawberries made withA nise Hyssop or the Chocolate Espresso pie all go for a $8 – $10 price range.  While the mains average in the $23 range, small plates vary from $12 – $16 and snacks vary from $4 to $16.

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