Ciao Pizza opens up on Bay Parkway

It’s a brand new Pizza, Pasta Spot served by Angelo.  Authentic Italian Pizza is what you get – and the pizza is simply fantastic.  The menu at Ciao is straight forward Pizzeria style with a full kitchen.  Standard and Specialties pizza fills the menu surrounded by fresh soups made daily.  Options include Chicken, Lentils, Minestrone, Tortellini Chicken Broth, Pasta e Fagioli.  Ciao has salads and includes specialties such as Cold Antipasto or the famous Ciao Italia.  Try it with Grilled or Fried Chicken.

View the complete menu for Ciao in Brooklyn

The restaurant has a new look and feel to it, open yet cozy.  Pizza specialty on display and an open cafe for those upcoming summer days.  Ciao features full selection of Baked Dishes, Sea Food platters and dinners which are served with spaghetti, ziti or salad of the day.  Fish dishes includes Scampi, Marinara, Francese, Parmigaian and the Shrimp or Calamari fra diavolo.  Filet Sole oreganata as well as Grilled Salmon is available as well.

Onto the other parts of the menus features we got some delicious looking Burgers which are 100% Angus Beef and served with French Fries.  Cheese Steaks with the Works such as onions, peppers, mushrooms, lettuce and tomatoes as well as the Wraps served  in regular ow Whole Wheat.  Veggie wrap made with zucchini, grilled eggplant and tomatoes, mushrooms topped with balsamic vinaigrette.  Full selection of catering, seafood and chicken or meat dishes are listed on the menu.


  1.  Family Special for $16.00, Large Pie, 12 garlic knots and 2ltr soda
  2. Sunday Baked Ziti or Pasta meat sauce for $6.25
  3. Monday Heroes for $6
  4. Tuesday Philly Cheesesteak for $8 and Wednesday a large pie for $9.99.

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