Cocoa Grinder in Bay Ridge – New Healthy Café

Cocoa Grinder in Bay Ridge

A brand new healthy café opens its doors at 8521 4th avenue in Brooklyn. Cocoa Grinder in Bay Ridge brings a wide range of healthy Omelettes for Breakfast. Protein Plus Omelettes is served here which is prepared using 6 eggs, spinach, onions, green pepper, lean turkey, bacon and no-fat mozzarella! All-time favourite ‘Pancakes’ (chocolate, banana, pumpkin, chocolate chip, etc.) are served at this café.

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The Healthy Café’s menu highlights Energy Platters such as Lean Turkey Breast, Veggie, Chicken Fajita, Lemon Basil Chicken, Tuna, etc. Cocoa Grinder in Bay Ridge offers Hot & Cold Beverages and healthy fruit drinks like Pina Colada, Wildberry, strawberry bomb, Ultimate Fruit, Peachy Peach and much more.

The cafeteria allows you to create Protein Shakes with ingredients of your choice at $7. The Healthy Dessert Snacks includes Yogurt Parafit, Low Fat Muffins, Low Fat Brownies, Assorted Croissants and more. The Healthy café offers 15% off for any active gym member (with a current member ID). The café offers Delivery and take out services and serves daily till 10:00 PM. Cocoa Grinder provides chairs and tables for its customers to sit and enjoy the food.

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