Great 8 Restaurant opens in Sunset Park

It’s the spot that went through a few changes in the past years, most recently it was Saigon another Vietnamese restaurant that didn’t quite live up to the cuisine it people expected.  The new owners give it a try with a more “Authentic” take on Vietnamese cuisine.

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The restaurant is an open dining room with plenty of tables surround by round family style dining experience in the center.  This is a Vietnamese focused Asian eatery with apps like the Summer Roll, Spring Roll, Crispy Squid.  The restaurant shines with the Pho, the most popular being the dish made with 6 meats, Brisket, Navel, Frank, Omosa, Tendon and Eye of Round.  It’s a true experience if you never tried it.  The pho soups are usually bone broth with lots of minerals as it boils for 8+ hours, many times overnight.  All of the meats combined give virtually all the minerals your body needs for energy production.  It is a staple, it’s hot outside or cold, Pho just always is a treat, cools down your body when it needs.

Great 8 just opened and the restaurant is already packed daily, check out the picture posted on the link above and you will see the following they are gaining.  The Great 8 House Special Vegetarian dish makes the restaurant stand out served with Sauteed Soy Bean Cake, Bean Sprout, Chives & Black Chinese Mushrooms along with Garlic Sauce is a dish any vegetarian can go for.  Or go for their casserole dishes with clear noodles.

Angel Hair Vermiccelli dishes served with lettuce wraps, rice paper, green leaves, mint leaves and pickles are house special dishes and usually very healthy, with all this greens.

Great 8 does not currently deliver, and nor would you want to get delivery of Pho, it’s a dish that never holds up well on delivery, the noodles get steamed and it’s just never the same, we suggest eating inside if you are planning to try this restaurant.

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