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Dining In Valentines Day Staten Island

This is a follow up post to our original article ‘Dining Out Valentine’s Day Staten Island’, why? Because Ordering In and being cozy with your love is just as romantic (if not more) than dining out. from previous years we

Sister BBQ: Live Korean Cooking, You Make the Food

After discovering that Korean BBQ restaurants cook food at your table, I just could not wait to try the only Korean Restaurant on Staten Island.  Sister BBQ located on Bradley avenue brought this concept to the island a couple of

Dominck’s Bakery Review

The first impression I got from Dominick’s was that it was a family oriented environment, as tables closest to the door were seated by couples with children.  The decorative environment gave a warm “old fashion style” feeling as well.   My

Los Catrachas: A Honduran Retreat

A friend recommends we try one of the newest Casual Spanish restaurants “Los Catrachas” for a late lunch.  Spanish food with a little twist: Honduran Spanish Food impresses with a sample of two items from the appetizers menu.  Not really

Fuel Health Cafe: A Tasty Treat of Healthy Food

At first opening the owner specifically asked for us to put “Healthy food that also taste Very Good” but we could not just take his word for it.  On a mission to discover if one of the newest additions of

Romance Restaurant Staten Island Review

Updating our Missing Restaurant list request we were brought to a Mexican Restaurant Romance, hidden deep from the the main street of Forest Avenue were displaying a lunch special which I had to try. It included Soup, Salad, Soda, Tortillas,

Hokkaido a Neighborhood Classic

No wonder Hokkaido is a Neighborhood Classic, with wonderful service, utmost quality food and presentation, this restaurant is a sure hit with the locals. The quality of sushi and preparation in Hokkaido is Top Notch, the recommendations by our server

Indian Clove: Search for Some Spice

I woke up a few days ago and had a strong urge for something spicy, with mainly 2 cuisines offering authentic spice (Mexican and Indian), I decided to be Indian for the evening and strolled upon Indian Clove at about

Royal Crown Restaurant Review

On a hot summer day, the few that we had this summer, sent us towards one of the “Outdoor Dining” establishments that we wrote about 2 weeks ago.  It probably was the new decorations they had placed outside to give

Henny’s Steakhouse: Review

This review was written July 6, 2009 after recent Grand Opening and may be outdated as Servers, Management and other Various changes can occur. (First line of Review has been BLOCKED due to numerous requests from our visitors,  This restaurant