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Dina’s Hideaway: KITCHEN CLOSED (Filed Review)

The kitchen of Dina’s Hideaway is going through a few changes until further notice (August 2010). This review is filed, the kitchen may be closed (temporarily?) Dina’s Hideaway has just recently opened the doors after a full renovation from the previous

Corner House Restaurant Review – Moderate

View the Menu and Photos for this Restaurant The long lasting established “Corner House” on Lincoln avenue keeps moderate “American and Irish” atmosphere feel and moderate food to this Restaurant and Bar in Grant City. We have went out for

Armory Inn: A beautiful Evening outside

Well for a second we though the summer was actually here (Last week), Remember those 90’s that we hit?  At the first opportunity to go sit somewhere outside we flew off to “Scott’s Armory Inn”, after driving by during the

Fresh Tortillas and Tacos: Victory Blvd: 1 Star (Do Not Enter)

It is Very Very Sad, that we have to write this review but if we didn’t it would not be fair to you, our reader.  This is the Second Restaurant so far on Staten Island, that has made the (DO

Lobster House Joes Review

This Casual Restaurant offers great food with a great dining room at a very reasonable price. Rated by whereyoueat: 5 Stars.               The dining room is nice and simple, it works just right to make it feel like a “Lobster Shack”

Sushi Excellent: Lounge and Bar Reviewed

  Sushi, Appetizers, Drinks and a Decent Size Atmosphere.  A few weeks back we wrote the “Grand Re-Opening Walk-Around” for Sushi Excellent (To read it use: Top Navigation [Staten Island-> Grand Openings]).  Well here we have finally tried this restaurant

Beer Garden Review: Great Atmosphere, Large Portions

One would think that a “Sports bar & Grill” is exactly that… Serving simple appetizers and wings and would be very surprised to find good food and a wonderful atmosphere.  Well we were surprised, first by the “Busy Atmosphere” then by

Pho Mac: Something different for your Taste Buds

If you are like everyone else and tired of the same exact lunch everyday (Wraps, Pizza, Fast-food, Diners and even the same old Chinese Lunch Special) then we have a great restaurant that is worth a try with great prices

Battle of the Bars: Big Nose Kates vs DugOut Pub

We Have: Two Great Bars with Food on Staten Island Big Nose Kates: Menu Dugout-Pub: Menu Big Nose Kates is a Southwestern Restaurant & Pub located on Arthur Kill Road and is built to resemble a “Southwestern” authentic feel. With

Al-Hakkorah Alboostan: A Treat from Lebanon – Restaurant Review

  The Menu:  View Menu On another Boring night on Staten Island… Yep, we have a lot of those… We have decided to try out a pretty new restaurant that has been open for about 6 months, Also in the