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Chen’s Chinese Restaurant in Dongan Hills – CLOSED

It was Staten Island’s only “Traditional Chinese Restaurant” or at least displayed a sign along with Health and Vegetarian Specialties as part of their awning.  The restaurant never had a lot of hype, but they did have a very strong

Salvatore of Soho in Great Kills – CLOSED

Some say it never really opened as there were only a few days here and there where the gates were lifted up and Sal was spinning his traditional pie.  It’s another unfortunate closing as so many people around the neighborhood

Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet CLOSES!

We just finished writing a Grand Opening on Flaming Grill (Wye listing) and think it’s just right we officially announce the closure of Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet at the 1501 Forest Avenue locations.  The faces and management you are used

Restaurant Closings

While most note-worthy closings have their own dedicated post in this blog section, a lot of restaurants lately have been come and go.  Below is a list of restaurants that opened and closed less than a year after opening, maybe

Chef Jan Kitchen Closes it’s doors

There was a lot of hype when The Corner House was sold to an Olympic Gold Medalist Chef Jan just one year ago.  The opening was on July 14th, 2015 based on openings section.  Unfortunately the restaurant has closed it’s

Staten Island Restaurant Closings

What’s going on at the Staten Island restaurant economy hasn’t been seen since the past 8 years we have been the local dining guide. In one single month we have lost 6 restaurants, the following are CONFIRMED closed Tsukiji Sushi

CLOSED: Dugout Pub South

Dugout Pub has unloaded now officially unloaded all locations on Staten Island, not too long ago Oniell’s replaced the Forest Avenue location, 10-4 the Dugout Pub West location and now Hylan Park Place will replace the Dugout South. Hylan Park


Staten Island’s only Cuban cuisine (served Spanish Buffet style) has stopped serving it’s meals about 2 months ago.

Fiesta Poblana in St George – CLOSED OFFICIALLY

The restaurant that brought modern Mexican Fusion to St George has shuttered it’s doors about 2 weeks ago, this restaurant was known for serving small but tasty tacos as well as having a bar life in the neighborhood.

Closing: Ciminna Cafe in Grant City

Its’ unfortunate what’s going around Staten Island the past few months we have actually for the first time seen more closings than openings. Not too long ago, closings would be replaced by a new restaurant for example Fortune Garden was