Meet the Team

WhereYouEat Media Team

Meat the Team

Alex Dushkin: Company Founder and Manager.

  • All organizational resourcing for the company.
  • Restaurant Menu Updating.
  • Grand Opening Screening and Photographing new restaurants.
  • Intelligence Building including:  Local Competitors, National Competitors, Improvements in Gathering Data.
  • Content Writing:  Grand Opening Walk-Around, Critic Reviews and other Restaurant Scoop Section news.
  • Website Project Manager:  All aspects of Planning the Layout and managing jobs and workers including Developers, Designers, Specialty Coders.
  • Future Planning:  Upgrades and additions for the website.
  • Community Affairs:  Public Meetings and Public Relations.
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Sales:  Gathering sponsors for the website
  • Advertising:  Setting up and managing all company Advertising Campaigns and tracking return on investments.
  • Marketing:  Building the Brand, Market Penetration and all the 4 P’s of the marketing mix.  (Thanks to CSI Professors).

Interesting in Joining the Team?

We have a Position Available:

  • Part time Menu Updates:  Collect 40 Restaurant Menus and Scan them for updates each week.

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