Dine Out against Hunger Staten Island 2015


April 23, 2015 is the official Dine Out Against Hunger day on Staten Island

Spring brings a lot of great restaurant events to our beautiful little borough – one of them is Dine Out Against Hunger!  It’s a restaurant based event where participating restaurants agree to donate 20% of the entire food bill to project hospitality, a borough based food and pantry kitchen supplier that helps struggling families by opening soup kitchens during times of need.

This year over 125 Staten Island restaurants are participating – and all you have to do to participate is eat out!  That’s right – what’s better than eating out while supporting a good cause.  Below will be a list of just some of the participating restaurants.  You can find the complete list on Project Hospitality website page.

  • Alor Cafe A European style cafe serving delicious food presented by Chef Alex Orman.  Menu includes items include crepes, savory or sweet.  Large selection of salads and deliciously cooked entree’s.
  • Alor Cafe Pasta (Closed) Pasta from around the world can be had right here on Staten Island.  It’s a smaller niche style Alor Cafe with a focus of pasta dishes serving everything from Malaysian Style noodles to Seafood cooked to perfection over linguini.
  • Aunt Butchie’s Originally from Brooklyn, this restaurant & bakery is well known for it’s highly presentable and very tasty desserts.  Dine Out is the perfect day to try some of their overstuffed sandwiches as well as Entree Platters.
  • Bin No. 5 is part of the DaNoi family (also participating in the event) is a cozy boutique Italian cuisine with it’s own soon to be famous chef Mr Billotti (featured on one of the major TV shows, unfortunately I forgot which one).
  • Casa Verde in Richmond town (previously of Bella Vita in Heartland Village) has quickly become a neighborhood favorite especially with it’s early week Prix-Fixe menu which is available for the event.
  • Cucumber Sushi (Both Locations) is one of Staten Islands top rated Sushi Places.  With focus of serving sushi in healthy brown rice (at no extra charge like many other places offer) and a constant changing specials section makes this neighborhood Sushi spot a great pick for the event.
  • Fiesta Poblana is a casual Mexican eatery in St George.  With a recently expanded serving menu and a full addition of a bar, tacos are served on taquites – great restaurant to show your support if you are in the area.
  • The Original Goodfella’s in Dongan hills is a favorite for any evening.  With the Wood Burning Brick Oven and a selection of entree’s or pizza as well as Gluten Free options this stop is a neighborhood hot-spot.
  • Jac Mao (formerly known as Fortune Garden) This authentic Chinese cuisine keeps its roots to ground by simply serving good old fashioned Chinese Cuisine with the recent addition of some new appetizers and an uplift in the environment, if you have not checked out the new restaurant, now is the time to do so.
  • Jade Asian Bistro is another restaurant opened just last year.  Chinese & Japanese cuisine with a focus on Steamed Buns and Soup Dumplings (previously not served at any restaurant on Staten Island). Jade restaurant recently received it’s liquor licence and now has a full bar.
  • Jimmy Max (both locations) originally a neighborhood bar and grill on the North Shore, today the second locations serves Great Kills and most of the South Shore has always been talked about around the area as one of the top pizza spots on Staten Island.
  • Killmeyer’s is one of 3 German restaurants on our expanding Island, a Casual eatery with a full yard and some of the best Shnitzel you will taste.  Full bar walk-around bar gives this restaurant a very comfortable open feel that doesn’t make you feel cramped.
  • King’s Pizzeria is more than one and actually offers a full dine in restaurant portion next door to the “Pizzeria”.  It’s a fine atmosphere with a mini bar and some great bottles of wine on display.
  • Lee’s Tavern is in the top 3 Staten Islands best pizza places (depending on who you ask, it ranges from 1 to 3).  Thin and Crispy style with lots of specialty options and a comfortable seating area in the front or the back if it’s packed (which on most days it is).
  • Lotus Garden is the Chinese restaurant in Great Kills previously opened as Sunny Palace, with a few management changes now home to permanently Lotus Garden.  It is the only restaurant on Staten Island to serve Dim Sum, Traditional Dim Sum.  For those of you who know Sunset Park in Brooklyn on 65th Avenue – and know what Dim Sum is, steamed dumpling creations with various stuffing, know that it’s a wonderful treat that is hard to beat when you are in the mood for authentic Chinese street food.
  • Mike’s Olympic Grill diner on Port Richmond that is open 24/7 is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for the event.  Always great portions and overstuffed burgers.
  • Mike’s Oakwood Diner – every neighborhood should have one and Oakwood is lucky to have this warm and welcoming neighborhood eatery with lots of seafood specialties, roasts and chops.
  • Moe’s (both locations) is serving Southwest Tex Mex with a build your own Taco, Burrito or Salad.
  • Palm Asian Dish the recently opened Indian Restaurant in Richmond Town with a wide selection of Curries and Dosas.
  • Taste of India Staten Islands only up-scale Indian Cuisine with a trendy bar and full selection of delicious Indian Cuisine and Appetizers.
  • The West Shore Inn recently voted as Staten Islands number one steakhouse.  Offers a $17.95 prime rib special which we can’t stop eating ourselves, hopefully it’s available for the event.
  • Z One and Z Two are both Staten Island diner hot spots featuring a full Bar, Brunch Area, Dine in Area and Lounge.

Many other restaurants are participating, the link to the complete participants is above.  The published article above is focused on many of WhereYouEat sponsors and does not denote other participants.  For the Complete List please rely on the link above.

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