Q and A for the past 30 Days

After realizing many of you were searching for answers to specific questions, we decided to give this blog post a try.  It will answer all questions asked for the past 30 days, if it goes well and becomes helpful, we may keep it.
All restaurants listed in the “Answers” can be found on the directory by doing a simple name search:  whereyoueat.com Staten Island

Q: what happened to al’s pizza staten island
A: Al’s pizza located on Jewett Ave off Victory Blvd has been replaced by Grandpa’s Pizza

Q: what diner delivers on staten island to 10312
A: You have a large selection of diners including: The Golden Dove, Mike’s Place, Annadale Diner

Q: whats the number for pronto pizzeria staten island
A: Simply type in Pronto to view all  locations on Staten Island along with the number for each one.

Q: cafe luna tottenville what days are they open and what time
A: Times are listed along with complete menus, address and services provided by Cafe Luna

Q: what area is si zip 10310
A: West Brighton, Randal Manor are both part of this zip code

Q: what did fuel health cafe on hylan change to?
A: Fuel Health Cafe is now known as Everyone’s Cafe.  We have not updated the listing as of this time because the restaurants menu still prints Fuel. Same Food and Same Management.

Q: what happened to bbq master on staten island
A: BBQ Masters has been closed for about 3 – 4 months.  A new restaurant has opened at it’s location called Lucy’s Cuban Restaurant.

Q: what happened to king chef in staten island
A: King’s Chef is currently under complete renovation.  We will post the new menus and photos as soon as this restaurant re-opens.

Q: what happened to rh tugs
A: RH Tugs has been closed and since a new restaurant called BLUE has re-opened at it’s location.

Q: what happens if you eat the pound burger at cheeburger cheeburger
A: You will probably be very full for the rest of the day.

Q: what is and where is cabo in staten island
A: Cabo is an Americanized Mexican Bar with Grill located on Page Avenue.

Q: what is the menu of island coffee shop on victory blvd in staten island new york
A: You should be able to easily find the number along with the menu on their page.

Q: what restaurants in staten island offer complete dinner specials
A: A few restaurants offer pre-fix dinners, but we allow you to find that using the ‘Restaurant Deals’ on the main city page of the directory.

Q: what to eat around 10302
A: Your selection of restaurants available in this area is huge, you can have your choice of healthy food, Chinese Take-out, Dozens or so of Pizzerias, Thai, Indian Delivery and almost any other restaurant you can think of.

Q: what year did buddha lounge in staten island
A: Buddha Lounge opened approximately 2.5 years ago, you can search this blog for the Grand Opening announcement along with a complete walk-around.

Q: what’s in the menu at griff’s place sports bar in staten island
A: We have the complete menu, you can view by starting your search.

Q: whats the name of the new pizzeria at 895 huguenot avenue 10312
A: This restaurant is now called Val-Tino pizza, it seems to be under same management but we are not quite sure what’s going on as the sign is just blank outside.

Q: what chinese food do they have at hibachi grill?
A: A wide selection of Chinese, American, Japanese and Hibachi Roast are offered at the Hibachi Grill on Forest Avenue.

Q: what food is served in ztwo?
A: Z-Two is an American Diner located on the South Shore.  The restaurant serves the basic diner fare everything from Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner with all bases covered.  The restaurant also offers many special dinners with servings from Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Seafood and much more.

Q: buffet da i net what happened to it?
A: The restaurant has closed it’s doors and has been replaced by Atmosphere.

Q: sushi pronto what happened
A: The restaurant has closed down and the building is now available for rent.

Q: what delivery places on staten island are open at 3am?
A: Gogo’s Souvlaki is one of the only restaurants on Staten Island that offer Island-Wide delivery until 2AM during the weekdays and 5AM during the weekends.  Other restaurants such as Mike’s place may offer delivery around the restaurant until 2am.

Q: what does the nori japan restaurant season there potatoes with?
A: Whereyoueat does not currently provide recipes from local restaurants but it is very possible we will at some point.

Q: what happened to barrios pizza on amboy rd?
A: Bario’s pizza has been replaced by Amici Pizza on the South Shore.  Bario’s is still open in the original location on Nome Avenue.

Q: what happened to bistro restaurant in staten island?
A: Bistro has been closed for about 1.5 years now.  The location is in the works of being rebuilt and can possibly become a BBQ Smokehouse.

Q: what happened to buffet king in richmond hill?
A: Unfortunately the recession has took a hit on this landmark of a restaurant.

Q: what happened to houe of crabs on staten island?
A: This restaurant has never re-opened after storm Sandy.

Q: what happened to la vita staten island?
A: La Vita on hylan Blvd has been replaced by Shaggy’s Cheese steaks.  La Vita in Great Kills simply closed the doors.

Q: what happned to goldens deli in staten island?
A: Another landmark of Staten Island was forced to close it’s doors.

Q: what is brothers chinese restaurant wifi password?
A: We cannot provide private access to restaurants wifi passwords.

Q: what is famous in staten island?
A: Since we specialize in restaurants, WhereYouEat.com can easily help you find the most popular restaurants in the area.  Are they famous?  If they are popular, chances are they are famous.

Q: what is gluten free at el maquey
A: The menu lists all Gluten Free items.

Q: what is the menu to paesanos on bradley avenue
A: We are a local menu directory, you are able to view the complete menu on the page.

Q: what is the name of the japanese restaurant on page avenue si ny?
A: Takayama is the only Japanese restaurant on Page avenue.

Q: what is today’s special at montalbano’s in rossville, staten island, ny
A: While Montalbano’s specials may change daily, you can see a glimpse of what they offer on the menu.

Q: what kind of soup is it at kyoto restaurants they give you before you eat?
A: This restaurant usually gives you Miso Soup as it is the Japanese Tradition.

Q: what part of staten island is the drunken monkey
A: The Drunken Monkey is located on Forest Avenue, it is considered Staten Island’s North Shore.

Q: what r good dishes at indian clove on staten island?
A: Indian Clove offers everything from Tandoori Grill to Curry, we have personally tried many dishes and each one is good in it’s own way. Whatever you are in the mood for, you should not be disappointed.  Indian Clove also offers free island-wide delivery.

Q: what time does pho mac staten island open?
A: Pho Mac is open everyday except they are closed on Mondays.

Q: what time does z1 open staten island?
A: Z-One is open 24 hours, they only delivery until 10pm.

Q: what was bonefish grill before on staten island?
A: Bonefish grill used to be the Outback Steakhouse.

Q: whats the number of my family pizza staten island?
A: My Family Pizza now has 3 locations on Staten Island, to find the number please browse the directory.

Q: is hennys on staten island closed?
A: While it appears that most of the week Hennys Steakhouse is Closed, the owner stated that in fact he is opened but we have rarely seen any activity in the parking lot.


We hope our Q and A is helpful, we will continue to do this every month or so.

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