Aunt Butchie’s Bakery & Cafe opens South Shore


A very delightful looking cafe opens up on South Shore Staten Island.  Located a few blocks of the expressway, on Arthur Kill road sits this casual style bakery with many goodies behind the counter.

The menu features all your bakery favorites as well as a large ‘Food’ selection including breakfast, lunch, dinners.
View Aunt Butchie’s Restaurant Menu & Photos here

2 Responses to Aunt Butchie’s Bakery & Cafe opens South Shore

  1. DEETALVY says:

    This is not a very kid friendly restaurant. They give them glasses to drink from & when you give a 4 year old a glass it is bound to break. You shouldn’t get mad when that happens. The food is ok I don’t know why people say it is so good. The atmosphere is not very nice. You have to walk thru the bakery to get seated. There are alot better places to go in staten island and they are close by. They are also very very slow at serving.

  2. lenzioP says:

    The food is really good,The owners are the nicest and most generous people I’ve ever met, but whoever is put in charge of setting up parties or reservations is very blunt, rude an unhelpful. When I would walk in to make reservations for my family, the manager was completely rude and unattentive. He misrepresents the restaurant and its good natured owners

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