Bagel Hut opens on Hylan Blvd in Midland Beach


It was the long standing Chicken Holiday location that has been empty for a few years now – until finally this week SI BAGEL HUT opened it’s doors.  The main page of the menu is dedicated to their mission of Old Fashioned Bagels “Quality is Priority”.  Message right from the menu reads “We take pride in our home cooked and home baked products.  All baking done on premises and all cooking done on premises.”  It continues “Newly renovated.  This is a great place to come and shop with your family.  Your own store to feed yourself and your family and friends. Come and enjoy the friendliest environment while waiting or ordering your food. ”

View the complete menu of BAGEL HUT on Hylan Blvd

The interior of this bagel shop features just a few bar style sitting area overlooking hylan blvd.  New clean environment that features a Make your own Slushie and Ice Cream machine.  The menu features everything from standard bagel shops offering such as Bagels, Cragels, Omeletes and Pancakes.  The restaurant does serve up a Super Mario Special platter made with 3 eggs, bacon, 2 sausages, cheese and home fries for $7.99.  Bagel Hut also features a large selection of Special Sandwiches.  Under the lunch menu sandwiches like the Chicken Club on white Bread, Turkey Club or Bagel Hut Special on a bagel go for $6.99.  Go in depth to items including “The Texan”, a hero made with Roast Beef, Smoked Turkey, Melted Americcan and BBQ Sauce on a hero for $7.99.

A bunch of other heroes fill the menu including the Belly Buster, Sopranos, Lumberjack, Hollywood, Farm House, Philly Steak, Eggplant Parm, Meatball Parm, American Tuna Melt and many more.  Wraps come in option of whole wheat or white, the selection includes Grilled or Breaded Cutlet, Tuna, Grilled Chicken, Turkey Bacon and a few others as well.

Boar’s Head premium meats are sold by the pound, on a bagel or a hero with options such as Liverwurst, Pastrami, Corned Beef, Genoa Salami, Honey Turkey, Peppermill Turkey, Salsalito and Low Salt Ham.

Catering an entire back page of the menu is dedicated to various Fruit Platters, Cold Cuts, Cheese, Antipasto, Danish and Bagel Hut Breakfast Platters.  This deli is also serving Continental Breakfast and $5.95 per person, party bagels for $59.99 and Bagel Sandwich Platter with 25 mini bagels for $59.99 as well.  There are also plenty of Pasta Dishes and Main Entree’s available as well.


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