Baya Bar opens on Amboy Road

Originally the name was Baya Bowls and we remember the restaurant that recently opened in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.  We even have the grand opening for it, it’s a franchise from California of someone trying to bring a healthy concept based on a few superfoods such as Acai, Pitaya and Coconut.  Well that concept has finally made it’s way to Staten Island under the name of Baya Bar.  It’s really what it is, a Baya Bar.

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The new restaurant sits at the old location of Aliotto’s of Soho, the famous for Sicilian pizza spot that unfortunately never panned out most likely due to location.  The spot has virtually no walk-through traffic or any major transportation stops, but the location is still convenient enough to serve multiple neighborhoods of Staten Island, including Tottenville, Charleston and Princes bay.

Baya Bar is different then the “Smoothie” craze happening now.  It is not a Smoothie shop, but it does have some similar foundation.  Instead of everything being smoothied together and served in a drink, Baya Bar smoothies the foundation (Acai, Coconut, Pitaya) and serves non processed food on top to give it a full meal experience.  It’s similar to the way health shops serve food, part processed through a blender and part topped fresh.  Although we say “Processed”, it is simply processed through a blender without any added chemicals.

The food is really “Bowls”, Baya Bowls as the original name basically gives an option of Acai an organic, non gmo, antioxidant filled superfruit topped with items such as Banana, Granola, Honey, Pineapple, Strawbery, Coconut Shavings and Peanut Butter.  Each of these items can be had for $9 – $11.  Or you can select a Kale Bowl which is a high fiber super green which promotes heart health and fights cancer.  The bowl is basically a blended kale topped with options similar to above with a few other such as Blueberry, Kiwi, Protein and a few others and the prices are at the similar price point.  Baya Bowls (Baya Bar) aso offer  Pitaya Bowls this is Antioxidant Rich, Organic Dragonfruit which is known to lower blood pressure, and you have the same thing, it is blended as the foundation served with a toppings.

Baya Bar in Staten Island doesn’t stop at just bowls, they also do serve Smoothies and Fresh Squeezed Juices.



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