Brick Oven Pizza Staten Island

Staten Island and Pizza, it makes people go crazy, you agree?  When we sampled out the topic and post ‘Favorite Pizza on Staten Island’ on a main facebook page, guess what happens?  Everyone gets involved to plug in their favorite local pizzeria.

What happens when there is a little twist, and we search for Staten Island’s favorite Wood Burning Brick Oven Pizza?  Only a few main contenders can involved, only a few pizzeria’s across the borough use wood to cook the pizza and the taste is great.

We’ll focus this article on a neighborhood classic, located in Rosebank section we have Tony’s Brick Oven pizza which seems to be loved by many, after a post of the similar question on the main facebook pages, Tony’s came up the most times out of any other pizzeria on the island.

So our team went to check out what’s good at this eatery and we were very surprised on what we found.

The atmosphere was very casual and friendly, easy place to stop in and sit down for a relaxing lunch or dinner.  Tony’s serves beer and wine as well as provides some table service.  The menu and awning states that Tony’s is a Pizzeria, Trattoria Italiana with Mouth watering Italian Specialties.  Overflowing Hot & Cold Sandwiches.  Delicious Calzones & Rolls.

The counter displays many delicious specialty slices which you can tell are just fresh out of the oven, some places just make it look so good and this neighborhood pizzeria sure is one of them.

The Brick Oven Pizza is right on the menu and prices are slightly higher than when it’s cooked in a regular oven, reason is bundles of wood cost more than gas, but the taste is well worth it.  Have you ever barbecued your burger at your camp site?  Tasted the difference, well it’s the same for pizza, it just cooks better, tastes better and even sounds better.

Margherita, Quattro Stagioni, Capricciosa, Puttanesca, Vodka Sauce, White Pie, Contadina, Clams, Personal Pie, La Folle, Primavera is all served from the wood burning brick oven.   A personal pie which is 4 slices at $10.50 is a tipping point of price, but it’s worth it, every bite.

Tony’s Brick Oven also serves regular pizza, Stuffed Pies, Pizza Pan Pies, Baked Dinners, Stromboli’s and Calzones.  A Huge collection of Hot Sandwiches fills up the menu with items like Veal, Sofia, Chicken Cutlet, Cheesesteak Sandwich, Peppers & Eggs.  The Cold Sandwiches feature items like the Italian Combo.  Appetizers & Salads, Pastas, Seafood Specialty menus, Entrees like the Chicken Adriatico which is served with Ziti, Linguine or Penne or substitute pasta for a side of veggies.

Locals also love their Outside-Off-Premise Catering, Which gives you a choice of 4 items plus bread for $13.95 a person.  Items that you choose from are Eggplant Parmigiana, Ham and Pineapple, Mini Rice Balls, Stuffed Shells, Veal and Peppers, Mussels, Calamari and more.

Another fascinating item we discovered on their menu was the “Over-Stuffed!” Delicious Cold Platters & Heros, available as 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Foot!  Remember your one day notice as it takes time to prepare this type of food.

And before we take you to the menu, this is the message from Tony’s All Items are Made Fresh to Order.  Delivery time is usually 30 to 45 minutes.  Please be patient, we will provide our superior service to every customer.  WE appreciate your patronage and look forward to pleasing you.

Click here to check out the menu for Tony’s Brick Oven in Rosebank.

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