Chef Jan Kitchen Closes it’s doors

There was a lot of hype when The Corner House was sold to an Olympic Gold Medalist Chef Jan just one year ago.  The opening was on July 14th, 2015 based on openings section.  Unfortunately the restaurant has closed it’s doors last weekend.  The Chef always focused on premium quality, ocean caught wild seafood and shrimp, hand made dessert specialties that would take days to complete.  We seen this personally for a party they were preparing one day where a lady would manual peel pits from some sort of traditional Chinese dessert in preparation for a special event.  It was a daunting task, but emphasis on traditional was what the Chef believes in.

Everything has a price; and the community just didn’t seem to go for it, the original menu priced lunch specials at $13+ and house dishes at $20+, many wrote feedback stating the prices are absurd with various statements against the management.  The owner was not willing to sacrifice quality to meet the high quantity demands that we on Staten Island are used to.

Some Chef’s Jan’s food which will be missed by the following he had

As you can see a very heavy emphasis on Seafood Traditional dishes with lots of vegetables and heavy preparation

Competition in the area is fierce, an Address Radius search on WhereYouEat for this address produces about 35 Chinese Restaurants that deliver to this address and surrounding area.

With everything from the well established Crown Palace on New Dorp,  Recently opened Jade Asian Bistro to the Panda Garden down the block and all the little Chinese spots in-between, and even the recently closed New China No 1 which positioned itself as Premium take-out but not offering dine in.

For now the Chef is planning to retire, unless something changes he is ready and willing to serve premium food but not fast food.

The complete listing for Chef Jan Kitchen is here

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