Don Chucho opens on Forest Ave


It’s been many years (actually nearly about the time we started adding menus to this directory) that this location which used to house Basille’s Restaurant was inhibited. It’s finally opened for business and the owners got big plans, the upstairs will turn into a bar & lounge area for late night parties, while the main dining room will remain an eatery, bakery and an ice cream shop.

Check out the menu of Don Chucho in Staten Island

The restaurant has a few approaches all happening at once.  During lunch you could have prepped lunch buffet on display – $6.00 gets you items various daily special items such as Bistek Ala Mexicana, Roasted Pork Dish on Monday.  Tuesday you could enjoy Chiles Relleanos, come Wednesday you could try the Mole de Pollo and so on.

Don Chucho does feature a full menu as well, Platters all go for $13.50 with options like the Pechuga Asada a marinated Chicken Cutlet, Enchiladas with Rojo (red) or Verde (green) sauce.  Platters with Beans, Rice and Salads go for $21.95 with options such as Skirt Steak with Stuffed Mushrooms, Jumbo Shrimp in a very spicy hot sauce and a few other options.
Tacos are of course on the menu as well as Tortas, it looks like the restaurant is taking a specialty sandwich approach. $7 sandwich options include Cubana, the famous all meat sandwich made with Pork Butt, Ham, Beef, Frankfurter, Fried Egg, Swiss, American, String Oaxaca, Pork Head Cheese, Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Pickled Jalapeno and Avocado.  Or if your in the mood for something a little ligher you can have the Ham Sandwich, Potato or Milanese (Cutlet) type of sandwiches.

Don Chucho states on the menu a few unique taco options such as Braised Goat, 8 Hour Slow cooked pulled pork, steamed marinated beef, spicy marinated grilled roast pork as well as the standard Mexican tacos such as Al Pastor, Chicken and Chorizo.

For breakfast, Omelets go for $4.99 with a choice of Western, Spanish, Spinach, Broccoli, Mexican with ability to add Cheese to any platter.  Served with home Fries and Toast.  Tamales are available as well.


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  1. sifood says:

    I went to check out the lunch buffet on a Monday and was told it wasn’t available. Apparently they only do it every other day. It would’ve been nice if they had mentioned that somewhere on their menu or website.

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