Fuel Health Cafe: A Tasty Treat of Healthy Food

At first opening the owner specifically asked for us to put “Healthy food that also taste Very Good” but we could not just take his word for it.  On a mission to discover if one of the newest additions of restaurants striving to offer a healthy alternative to dining, is really a tasty treat.  Arriving in this casual restaurant during the day with a friend we began to look at the large menu and what it’s offering.  Both of us focusing on a plate platter “Power Plates” to actually help us get a feel of the entree displays, we both found very interesting items.  The “Popeye Fuel” which is Grilled Chicken Breast, Tomatoes & Onion baked with Tahini and served with Spinach and Brown Rice and the “Mean Energy” Chopped Bison Grilled with Onions, Peppers and Fuel red sauce served over Brown Rice.   Both of us were really impressed with the taste, I especially tried a piece of the Bison from my friends plate to get a feel of what it is.  Bison has sort of a steak taste resemblence, a bit chewy in a good way and tasted very impressive, a different kind of flavor which I will order next time and enjoy a full plate.  My meal, the Popeye Fuel was outstanding, very good preparation and very tasty brown rice comes with a side of wheat pita.  Fresh Spinach alongside the very tasty Grilled Chicken which is served in Tahini Sauce, Tomatoes and Onions.  Both meals were enjoyed greatly and the most important fact is it is healthy.

The food at Fuel Health Cafe is Never Fried or Cooked in oil, it is always grilled or baked.  Great to have this restaurant on the island.  Let’s get to the review:

Atmosphere: Casual style sit down, take out and delivery. Offering everything from simple sandwiches, Plates and even a Fresh Squeezed juice bar.  Chairs, design and tables are high quality, sturdy, neat and clean.
Service:  Great reccomendations, Good timing from ordering to eating.
Food:  Excellent Presentation (For the Power Plates), perfect size portion and most importantly amazing taste.  Both of the meals tried were very good and unique in flavor.
Overall Sum Up:  Great Service, Pleasant Atmosphere, Excellent Food Presentation, Portion and Taste, Healthy, Non-Fried foods is a sure hit with the locals.
Star Rating: 5 Stars (price range of $$)
Fuel Health Cafe Restaurant Page (Menu, Photos and Details)

Popeye Fuel

Popeye Fuel

Mean Energy

Mean Energy Bison, Power Plates

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