Grand Opening Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet

So this place has been through a lot of various “Buffet” style restaurants in the past, you may remember Hometown Buffet, Tokyo Buffet and other Chinese Style Buffet.  But here we have a new look, feel with much more buffet tables, 15 to be exact, serving all various foods in their 15,000 square foot premises.

Upon entering the wall features a full size pond with very neat layout of water in motion telling a little story of how well they care about presentation.  Tables are positioned around the perimeter of the restaurant, a private party room letting a large group of guests have the entire room to themselves.

A very large selection of food featuring everything from Seafood such as shrimp, mussels, crab legs.  Various type of meats, chicken, brisket, hibachi is even served in it’s special place in the back which we hear may at times get a line which forces a wait.  Sushi is prepared fresh in front of your eyes.  In these type of restaurants, all you can eat buffet, it is required that the restaurant is busy and keeps a steady flow of traffic to keep the food coming fresh and so far as they opened 2 weeks ago, it has been non-stop.

This restaurant does not have a menu but price is on the page, $6.99 for lunch, $9.99 for dinner and plus we got some coupons for you, letting you save up to $3 for your dinner.

Check out the Photos and Details of Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet on Staten Island 

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