Grand Opening: Sabor Brazilian Steakhouse in Staten Island

Staten Island’s First Authentic Brazilian Steakhouse finally opens its doors at the previous location of Il Dovo, Cafe Bondi and Vola Cafe, 1816 Hylan Blvd is the spot where you can now have authentic Rodizio (Servers come to the table with knives and a skewer along with various cuts of meat, beef, pork, chicken) on Staten Island.

The menu does offer the Rodizio for $28.75, so far we are guessing this is an “All you can eat” service option but the menu does feature a complete Appetizer, Pastas and various Meat Entrees.
Fish where Grilled Salmon over Sauteed Vegetables goes for $28.95 Chicken with Spinach, Bacon and Onions in White Wine can be had for $23.95 for some menu price samples. Desserts feature various Traditional Spanish style Flan, Tiramisu, Apple Crumb Cake and More.

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Sabor is located at 1816 Hylan Blvd offering a Complete Bar with Full Table Service and Eat at Bar feature.

2 Responses to Grand Opening: Sabor Brazilian Steakhouse in Staten Island

  1. SIGuy says:

    We checked out the menu…… quite honestly some of the items (ie simple pasta dishes, chicken and Branzino) look a bit over priced. The steak looks on the high side, but not out of reason.

    As we’ve seen in other places that have opened and closed within a year and it all seems to revolve around the prices. New businesses seem to overlook the simple fact that Staten Island is NOT Manhattan and therefore doesnt call for Manhattan prices.

    We certainly can’t comment on the quality or size of the dishes as it looks like the prices will keep us from going in, however we do wish Sabor all the luck in the world!!!

  2. Lolita says:

    Sooooo disappoint . I was expecting a real Brazilian food :(
    Dishes are to small and quality isn’t the great. Definely for a good Brazilian food just Newark NJ. And for sure you can have more for less money.

    Price $$$$

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