Growth of Japanese Sushi on Staten Island

Staten Island has recently started seeing a growth of Japanese Cuisine, Sushi places around Staten Island.  Each one with it’s own various twists, styles and quality.  We have two new restaurants coming soon (Genki Sushi and Cucumber both plan an opening in February).

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Each Sushi Restaurant on Staten Island offers Free Delivery, most offer Dine In Wait Staff and a certain few even offer traditional seating at the floor.  Sake and Beer is served at most restaurants, even if it’s not the restaurant provides it complimentary

Let’s take a look at many of these restaurants in depth.  Please note that High Quality or Moderate Quality does not denote freshness of fish, all are sushi grade just come from different parts of the world.

On the South Shore we have:

  • Kiku Sushi:  Offering Dine In and Free Delivery, Sushi is served at regular price and rated ‘High Quality”, conveniently located in Eltingville right next to the train station, parking lot is available.
  • Cucumber: Newest Japanese restaurant on the Island, Cucumber is rated High Quality and serves one of the best Lunch Specials on the South Shore.  5-Course lunch is served with an Appetizer, Ginger Salad, Miso Soup and Dessert.  Optional Healthy Brown Rice is available.
    Cucumber is opening a new location in Great Kills hopefully February 1st.
  • Tomo Sushi: Located in Eltingville on Amboy Road, it is owned by the same management as Buddha Lounge, Miyako and Mizu.  The sushi here is rated High Quality
  • Genki Sushi: One of the only Discounted Priced Sushi Rolls and Sushi on the South Shore.  Genki is very popular for bargain hunters.  The fish does taste good and rolls go for only $3, compared to $5 at most other places.  The sushi is rated Moderate Quality.
  • Buddha Lounge: More of a Restaurant, Bar and Fancy Lounge with outdoor rooftop style area.  Sushi served here is same high quality as of Tomo and Mizu.
  • Mizu: Offering Hibachi in addition to regular sushi bar and dining room. The place to come, gather around the table and watch a Japanese chef prepare your dish at the table.

Other mentions around the South Shore Include Aka Sushi located in Eltingville, Takayama Sushi Bar and Lounge on Page Avenue, Lucky Fortune which is a Chinese & Japanese mix in Great Kills (received a complete renovation about 2 years ago), Sake One on Hylan Blvd and Nelson avenue and Arirang, the Hibachi Japanese in the heart of Great Kills. –

On the East Shore (Mid-Island) including Zip Codes 10306, 10305 and 10304. 

  • Sushi Excellent:  Situated on Hylan Blvd and New Dorp, this restaurant features 2 floors of dining and outdoor seating from the second floor.  Sushi excellent is considered a staple in New Dorp, with a fine dining atmosphere, this considered a Restaurant, Bar and Lounge offers a dining bar on the first floor, sushi bar and a full size dining room.  Upstairs offers additional seating which at times converts into a lounge or comedy show displays.  High Quality Sushi from Japan.
  • Nori Sushi: Located in the heart of New Dorp Heights, this restaurant features a single dining room along with a sushi bar.  The fish at this restaurant is High Quality.
  • Red Apple: Many Staten Islanders consider this a neighborhood favorite which offers both tastes from Japanese Cuisine as well as Chinese.  Red Apple serves (and by many considered to start this tradition) all you can eat sushi (made to order of course).  The fish at this restaurant is moderate to high-quality.  But remember to try the Chinese food also as many have rated it as top best.
  • Fushimi:  Lounge, Restaurant and Bar with a feature of outdoor dining during the summer months.  Fushimi is one of the few Japanese restaurants that offers a club scene certain nights of the week.  Valet Parking and Live Fish, scallops is served at Fushimi. High Quality.
  • Fuji Sushi: Serving discounted Sushi Rolls, Sashimi and Maki Combinations.  This restaurant uses moderate to high quality fish.
  • Fortune Hawaii: With convenient on site parking, serving both Chinese and Japanese cuisine, this restaurant features a bar, sushi bar and offers free delivery.  Fortune Hawaii serves Moderate to High Quality Fish.

Other Japanese restaurants on the East Shore include Bay House Bistro – two locations, one on bay street one on hylan blvd, this restaurant features an Asian Style cuisine with offerings of Malasian, Vietnamese tastes and cooking styles.  Nakata Sushi a half price sushi joint located right on Richmond Road and a few various buffet styles also serve Japanese.

North Shore:

  • Manor Sushi: Offers many specials and quickly became one of North Shore favorite Japanese Take-outs serving Moderate to High Quality Fish. 
  • Miyako: A Hibachi / Japanese style cuisine offers a complete Sushi Bar sitting area, 10 Hibachi Tables and a private dining room, finding where to sit in this restaurant is a choice of it’s own.  The menu features a large selection of fresh fish using Moderate to High Quality.
  • Osaka Sushi: Worth it’s mention as being the only restaurant on Staten Island that offers traditional seating (on the floor).  We are not quite sure of the quality of fish used in this restaurant.

Other mentions on the North Shore include the recently opened So Go Goo Go Sushi which recently replaced Tenzan, Tokyo Sushi which pairs itself with Korean Cuisine, Sushi Pronto recently closed it’s doors, East Pacific located in the Staten Island Mall and Dairy Palace which is Japanese Kosher cuisine

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