Henny’s Steakhouse: Review

This review was written July 6, 2009 after recent Grand Opening and may be outdated as Servers, Management and other Various changes can occur.

(First line of Review has been BLOCKED due to numerous requests from our visitors,  This restaurant has been removed from “Hot Spots” category for the time being)

Upon arriving at 7pm, our reservation time, we were seated promptly at a round table in the main dining area.  You can choose to come a little bit before and enjoy the bar scene in the lounge area.  This is my second time visiting, but unfortunately did not have my camera the first time around and did not have enough time to enjoy the bar, however I can say that this is a wonderful place to hang out a bit before the food.

The menu offers a straight forward “Steakhouse” cuisine, which is great because they know what they specialize in and make sure they get it done right.  The menu does offer a few items for the patrons who aren’t fans of steaks, offering a few options from fish, chicken and lamb to fulfil the appetite to those.

Let’s get to the Review:

  • Service (Tuesday: Since we have dined on a Tuesday, we can not write about the service on Weekends): The waiter came around a few minutes after we settled down and placed the courtesy bread, crackers and butter on the table then came soon after  to take orders for the drinks and gave us a few more moments for the salads and appetizers. Soon after he came with some great suggestions for the entrees as well as a “Today’s Special” list.  We were provided some clean replacement  linen napkins during the meal.  The appetizers and food all came within great timing and we were very satisfied with the service.
  • Atmosphere: Read the Walk-Around Here.
  • Food:
    Calamari Appetizer:  Great portion size and had really good quality.
    Salad: Huge portion which was enough for all 5 people at the table and once again tasted great. This was the “Blue Cheese Salad”
    Atlantic Salmon (Henny’s Style): Salmon pan roasted with Artichokes, Fresh Tomatoes, Garlic and Capers in White Wine Pan Sauce. I simply could not hear enough how amazed my mother was while eating this.  The portion and the price is definitely a steal.
    Pan Roasted Rack of New Zealand Lamb:  Roasted in Garlic and Herb crust comes with asparagus and baked potato.
    Burger (8 0z): We had to cut it in half to be able to eat it.  I can say this is probably one of the “Largest 8 oz” I have seen.  (Not trying to be funny, but most 8oz burgers I have ordered for some reason come half the size? It was greatly enjoyed it.
    Todays Special (Trio Pork):Ribs, Beef, and more pork with sweet potato fries, biscuit and coleslaw.  This was simply a huge portion size and the few bites I took were great.  More then half of the meal went home to be enjoyed the next day.
    The Steak (Saved the best for last): (16oz Angus, Center Cut Ny Strip Steak): Everybody at the table was jealous, everyone tried a bite of the steak and probably began to regret not getting one,  after all it is a Steakhouse.  It is kind of hard to describe a steak but I will try.  It was cooked perfect (Med/Well), just enough thin red in the middle to still keep the flavor and juiciness of the steak.  It was far from dry, far from chewy, simply amazing all around.  This steak was by far one of the best steaks I ever tasted since my career with WhereYouEat.

Overall Sum-up:  Everything from the Service, Food and Atmosphere (Quality) is indescribable.  Before Henny’s first opened the doors there was a lot of hype, and many people began requesting information on when they will open.  At that time we had no clue why.  When they opened we did a “Walk-Around” and saw why you guys couldn’t wait for them to come back with the quality of the establishment.  Once again, we see why everyone missed them while they were gone.

1. Menu, Information and Details
2. Restaurant Walk-Around

Pros: Great Food, Amazing Steaks, Large Appetizers, Supreme Service.

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2 Responses to Henny’s Steakhouse: Review

  1. 20YOMAMA says:

    Best french fries I ever tasted, maybe because they are fresh. Food and service are great. I will be back.


  2. christined says:

    My boyfriend, his brother, his mother, and I dined at Henny’s last night for his mother’s birthday. This is our 3rd dining experience at Henny’s. The first two times we went there, we were impressed with both the food and the decor. The service was mediocre. I had the buffalo filet last time we went and I could not believe how moist and delicious it was! It was better than steak filet mignon. Last night’s dining experience was not like our last 2 experiences at all. The service was slow despite the fact that we were 1 of 3 tables in the dining room (It was Friday October 29, 2010 at 8:30pm). We ordered the pork lollipops which were overcooked and chewy, the fried zucchini which was pretty good, and the blue cheese salad which was the highlight of the evening. I was very happy the salad was so delicious because unfortunately I was not able to eat my entree. I once again ordered the buffalo filet, when it came it was 2 small “nuggets”. I would assume it was the end pieces, it did not look appealing but I figured it would still taste as good as last time. Boy, was I in for a surprise. The only way I could describe it is that it tasted and smelled like dog food. I have no idea what was wrong with it, if it was not stored properly or it was old or what, but it was the most disgusting thing I have ever bitten into in my life. We summoned the waiter over (after several minutes to locate him) and he asked if I wanted anything else. I said no as I was digusted at this point, and that was that. No one else came over to apologize. Nothing else was comped despite the fact that we ordered after dinner drinks and dessert and we spent $260 on dinner and I didn’t even eat a meal! My boyfriend ordered the porterhouse which was so rare in the middle, it was bleeding and he couldn’t eat the whole thing. His mother also ordered the porterhouse and she claimed it was “ok”. His brother ordered the veal and lobster tail and said that it was good. The waiter could not explain what the veal steak was, so thankfully it was good despite him having no idea what he was ordereing. Never in my life have I ever sent back a meal. To send back something that compared to Alpo and not have a manager come over to apologize or offer anything on the house is not good customer service. I will never dine again at Henny’s and I will tell all of my friends and family to avoid it as well. Customer service is the key to any successful business and I hope that in the future, other customers do not have the same experience I did.

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