Hokkaido a Neighborhood Classic

No wonder Hokkaido is a Neighborhood Classic, with wonderful service, utmost quality food and presentation, this restaurant is a sure hit with the locals.

The quality of sushi and preparation in Hokkaido is Top Notch, the recommendations by our server was just right and on point.  Everything from the Appetizer, the Specialty Rolls all the way to the Dessert could not be better.  It was Sunday afternoon when we decided to grab something different for lunch and decided to go into Hokkaido.  The atmosphere is kind of small and tight but for some reason we felt perfectly fine and comfortable at our dining table. We were seated promptly and presented the Menu.  While placing the drink orders the waitress has suggested a few appetizers.  Since one of us likes Seafood and the other likes Vegetables, we both agreed on the Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura while still deciding on the main course.  The waitress asked us what type flavor we like and gave suggestions for the specialty rolls (Golden Dream and the Spicy Dancing Kani Roll).

At first we were very impressed by the Appetizers with the tempura giving off a melt in your mouth feeling.  Then, our Specialty Rolls came out and our jaws dropped from how good the presentation was. I had a bite of the Golden Dream:  Shrimp Tempura, Avocado topped with mango, served with pineapple sauce which I now consider a delicatessen.  (I am actually looking at the photos while writing this review and it’s reminding me even more of what I am missing right now).   Onto to the other specialty roll, wrapped in a pink (seaweed?)  (never seen one of these before), this roll comes with the spicy sauce in the middle and was definently another delicatessen which I can’t wait to have again.  The problem next time will be deciding to stick with the same rolls we already tried or hope the other rolls under the chef’s specialties will be as good.  Also when we were placing the order, I was a bit worried that one roll would not be enough, but the waitress insisted these specialty rolls are very filling and she was right.

The best finish in a Japanese Restaurant is the Fried Ice Cream,  as I could remember it is much better then many other places I have tried.

Let’s get to the Sum-Up

  • Atmosphere:  On the Smaller side dining area makes a very cozy and comfortable dining feel.
  • Service:  Top Notch service, excellent recommendations.
  • Appetizer:  Delicious presentation and perfect portion size.  Just right to open your taste buds.
  • Chef’s Special Rolls:  Wow Factor presentation and flavor.  A pure delicatessen for the Japanese Cuisine.
  • Overall Sum-Up: Hokkaido surpasses regular quality standards and breaks the barrier in Japanese Cuisine.  Even the person who is not a big Sushi Fan has enjoyed the meal and complimented how everything tasted.
  • Star RatingFive Quality WhereYouEat Stars.

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