Indian Clove: Search for Some Spice

I woke up a few days ago and had a strong urge for something spicy, with mainly 2 cuisines offering authentic spice (Mexican and Indian), I decided to be Indian for the evening and strolled upon Indian Clove at about 9:00pm Saturday Evening. The atmosphere was a bit on the lively side, lights not too dim, people not too quite, overall happy casual feel.  We were seated right after entering, presented the Drink Menu (Cocktails, Mocktails, Beer and Wine).  Me, always being in the mood for something new and different, I stumbled across Taj Majal: Indian Beer (Authentic, from India), which without a second thought, I had to try. We also had to try some cocktails and went with a Punjabi Matini and on a special request a “Spicy Cocktail”, to help ease and prepare myself for the pain I am expecting with the entree (Spiciest meal on the menu).  The beer was absolutely great, smooth and crisp clear flavor.  the “Special Spicy Cocktail” is only for the Broad-Minded and open to a new flavor type of people, because it will kick you.

During all this (Alcohol Sampling going on) we were presented the Dinner Menu.  We had ordered an appetizer “Aloo Cutlet” which was a delicious mildly spiced mashed potato cutlet with hot and sweet sauce.  Indian Bread is always a necessity; Kashriniri Naan which was Dried Fruit and Nut which was mildly sweet and the Kulcha which had a minty flavor.  Everything was served in a timely manner, the waitress was very pleasant and helping to fulfill my “Indian for a Day” fantasy.  For the Entree Part, I had to order the “SPICIEST” dish and had to go with the “Lamb Roganjosh”, as per the waitress suggestion as to what is very spicy. 

On to the Entree:  My Lamb Roganjosh “Boneless Lamb Meat in a Traditional Gravy from Kashmir”, is the delicious looking red entree in the photo, arrived with a side of Indian Rice.  Scared to take my first bite as I was warned it was very spicy, I tried it and handled it pretty well.  The delicious taste of the meal mixed the hot burn pleasantly and went down smooth, yet gave me some tears.  The spice was delicious, although I was expecting something I could barely eat, this meal was cooked to perfection.  Indian dishes are cooked around sauces and with this being the spicy one, it was hard for me to judge how good the lamb was.  Both of the Breads were excellent additions to our meal and helped ease the pain of the spice. 

Let’s get to the Sum-Up:

  • Atmosphere: Indian clove has done an amazing job of keeping the atmosphere lively, a bar at one side (Eat at Bar Feature) and an open large dining area.
  • Service:Prompt, Courteous and Very friendly. Helpful with suggestions and always there when needed.  A bit lag throughout times, but definitely nothing to complain about, Water filled, Drinks Delivered and everything went smooth.  We never felt abandoned, rushed or annoyed.
  • Drinks (Cocktails):A great variety of ethnic beer’s and cocktails, also able to fulfil special requests for items not on the menu.
  • Spice Factor:  Three, The hot was good, but there is great room to make it Burn a bit more.
  • Dinner (Meal):  Cooked to Perfection meal.
  • Overall Sum-Up:  I keep using the term “Authentic”, as to the way I am made to feel about a place.  Please know that I am not Indian and do not know if this is Traditional Indian or “Americanized Indian”, but the presentation, feel and menu items made me feel that.  We are giving this Restaurant 4 Quality WhereYouEat Stars. 

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