Italianissimo in South Beach

A restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine is well located at 107 Mc Clean Avenue in Staten Island. Italianissimo offers Alcohol/Beer/ Wine, Wait Staff/Dine In and Catering services. The restaurant serves Seafood, Meats, Salads, Soups and Pastas such as Scallops Champagne, Pollo Marengo, Bistecca Alla Griglia, Vongore Crude, Antipasto Caldo, Emilia Romagna, Impero Romano, Fagioli Toscani and much more!

Italianissimo features Restaurant & Bar, Wheelchair Accessable and Participants. The restaurant is opened at 12 PM- 10 PM from Tuesday- Sunday. It provides comfortable seating for its customers. Don’t forget to post your review and add some photos of delicious dishes which you relished!

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Italianissimo establishes fine dining.

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  1. StatenIsland411 says:

    A very good friend of mine told me of a very recent experience at Italianissimo and after hearing about it I couldn’t believe the chutzpah and pettiness of some people. His aunt had passed recently after a bout with cancer, the family took it very hard as expected. She was always a vibrant woman, an independent woman and a spmeone who adored her entire family, her son, her nieces and nephews, grand nieces and grand nephews. Since some of the family no longer lived near one another they decided on having a special diner to honor her memory.
    The booked this restaurant for a Monday evening, I’m sure not a typical “busy” night for the place. The reservation was for about 50 people and with beer and wine the price per person was around $65 and the restaurant automatically adds on a 20% gratuity and tax, standard procedure.
    A few of the family member helped to gather and scan over 150 photos that were scanned and edited int oa slide show that they planned to play on a loop throughout the evening. The had a DVD player, they were able to borrow a projector, but they still needed a projection screen which I’m sure are in countless attics and basements throughout the world but of course not anyone you know lol.
    So he called the place ahead of time and asked if there was a white plain white wall in the room or by any chance did yhey have a screen? Why yes, we do have a screen, you can use it.
    The bill comes at the end of the night and I’m sure it was a very emotional night as we all know what looking at all those pictures does plus all the stories that I’m sure were shared and of course it was a big night for the restaurant because by my figure they took in just north of $3,000 plus tip, not to shabby for what is most likely a slow night.
    I guess the owner felt that roughly $3,200 wasn’t quite enough and added a “screen rental” fee of $80.00, where he came up with this outrageous fee is dumbfounding and even more so is why would he take advantage of his customers like that? When questioned, the wait staff was fumbbling for excuses while the manager hid in the back and wouldn’t come out. He was a true weasel and those 50 people as I’m sure you can guess will never go back there again. I had never been there but had read good things, you can bet I or my family will never go there and I would most likely urge anyone I know not to go there either.

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