Mar Mar Mediterranean Opens on Forest Avenue


It’s part of a new trend which we recently wrote about – Mediterranean Cuisine making it’s way in drones to Staten Island, and Mar Mar is another example of diversity. It’s a Restaurant, Hookah Lounge with an outdoor garden (coming for next year).  Mar Mar’s menu is of straight forward Middle Eastern cuisine with apps such as Hummus and Baba Ghanough, with a little unique flavors such as Habrat Neyey a Raw Meat dish with Garlic Sauce.

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Entree’s include Shish Tawook, Farouj Mashawi and Lamb Chops.  Sandwiches, Burgers and hot appetizers fill the rest of the menu.   The restaurant features one main dining area, few steps on top and one main floor of the dining zone extends to the yard.   If you dine here, kindly leave a review on their listing page.

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