New Turkish Restaurant opens in Staten Island: ZA RA CAFE GRILL


Zara Cafe and Grill finally opens it’s doors in Dongon Hills.  Located at the previous location of A&W grill, the restaurant and building has undergone a complete demo and rebuilt after Storm Sandy has laid A&W to rest, permanently.

View the complete menu for Za Ra

The restaurant is currently open for Dine and Take out along with Catering.  Za Ra is offering Turkish Breakfast which is served Saturday and Sundays only.  The Breakfast options include Breakfast Platter for $17.00 a traditional Turkish dish with a variety of premium cheeses, beef salami, olives, honey, jam, clotted cream, choice of cheese omelet or boiled eggs.  Served with a pot of tea or brewed coffee, option to add toppings to your omelet. The restaurant also serves Soujouck Omelet, Spinach, Vegetable, Scrambled and Turkish Scrambled Eggs for the breakfast.

The main part of the menu is straight forward Turkish.  Salads include Shepherds and Mediterranean.  Cold Apps such as Hummus, Babagannush, Grape Leaves.  Appetizers such as Fried Calamari, Falafel Plates and Fried Liver Cubes are all on the menu as well as Whole Branzini and Salmon from Seafood.

The interior is one open dining area with a take out counter, the parking lot remains with on site parking.  Catering is a big part of Za Ra’s offering.  $16 per person with a minimum of 10 people gets you a complete prepped dishes including Shepherds salad, appetizers, entree’s.


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