Pizzeria’s on Staten Island

If you are Looking for the list of all Pizzeria Restaurants with menus and photos on Staten Island: Pizzeria Restaurants Staten Island List.

Staten Island is made up of many Pizzeria’s, About 20-25% of all Restaurants on this Island are actually Pizza establishments or offer some sort of pizza on their menu. We have a few very famous places and many different styles.  Each pizzeria has it’s own method and style of cooking, type of ingredients, thickness of the crust and customer favorites.  When you look at all the pizza places and start to compare, each has it’s own preference.  If you are in the mood for Thin-Crust pizza you may end up at Joe & Pat’s (North Shore, Victory Blvd) or Il Pomodora (Hylan Blvd), Chicago Style you can always go to Big Al’s in Great Kills, Pizzeria famous for Specialty Slices such as Philly Cheese Steaks, Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Alfredo and many more you have Pronto Pizza & Pasta with 4 convenient locations.

With the recession and struggle of small business and residence many pizzeria’s began offering unbelievable pizza deals to help attract business while offering affordable means for anyone to buy pizza.  $1/slice was the going rate at about 15 Pizzeria’s on Staten Island.  Many have recently removed the special offer, but if you look hard enough, signs are there on many places.

Delivery is key to Staten Island pizzeria’s, convenience is what makes this business boom, it is the most ordered food on the Island.  Our database features over 95 Pizzeria Restaurants with about 90% of them offering delivery.  Many pizza places also specialize in catering and offer much larger menu that just pizza.  Pizza places now serve much more than years ago, full pasta dishes, fresh seafood, burgers, fries, gyros can all be had at many local pizzeria’s on Staten Island.  You can always check out menus before you go or order by browsing the directory portal of WhereYouEat.

What’s Popular in our Area?  (Based on traffic and ‘Likes’ from our visitors):  The following are the most popular Pizzeria’s on Staten Island.

  • Brothers Pizza:  Port Richmond Avenue, Some say it’s the cheese, some say it’s the sauce, some say it’s the crust, Brother’s pizza is definitely a Staten Island Favorite and you very well may become a fan of Staten Island.  Customer Favorite:  Square slice.
  • Lee’s Tavern (Not yet listed):  Definitely a Staten Island Landmark, A local neighborhood bar, a Delicious Kitchen, thin Crust, crunchy, crispy pizza makes it a favorite hangout with friends.  Customer Favorite:  Garbage Pie?  (Everything on it :)
  • Pronto Pizza & Pasta (List of all by location):  It must be the quality ingredients these folks use in their pizza, Or it may be the unique display of fresh Specialty Slices.  It very well may be a bit of both that makes it to the Popular List.  Customer Favorite:  Buffalo Chicken Specialty Slice.
  • Joe & Pats: A lot of mixed feelings about this pizzeria, for one most agree that it is delicious but the price turns many off.  Pricey and Delicious?  Sure to make our Popular List.
  • Denino’s:  It must be that the experience from 1937, which gets passed down with generation makes a pie that makes visitors wild.  Or it must be the comfortable atmosphere that you get, family style dining, pleasant people and reasonable prices.  Denino’s M.O.R pie is recommended as a pie to try).
  • Ciro’s Pizza:  South shore visitors check out this place more than any other pizzeria in the area.  Some say it’s Joe and Pat’s of the South Shore, others say they are just ‘Cousins’, whatever the case may be Ciro’s makes the list.
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    • NY’s Best Pizza:  Recently opened on the North Shore, this pizzeria is gaining great fame with their Cube Cars, Impossible to miss, a Huge Pizza pie on the roof and specialty slices.
    • Pual’s Pizza and Pasta:  They take great pride in their ingredients and state they use only the Finest Cheeses and Sauce.   Also offering many Coupons for our Visitors.
    • Pronto Pizza:  Listed above with complete details.

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