Potatopia Staten Island adding Delivery Service

Sweet Potatoes

Get BAKED, SMASHED or FRIED at HOME! – The Potato chain “Potatopia” at the Staten Island mall is now offering FREE delivery

Residence and offices 3 to 4 miles around the SI MALL can now enjoy Potatopia at their convenience.  With delivery area spanning all the way up from Annadale through Great Kills, Bay Terrace, Oakwood, Heartland Village up to Bulls Head – Potatopia makes another great dinner option, especially when you are looking for something different.

The restaurant which opened last year in July displays a few signature meals on their menu – along with a build your own potato.  Everything is potato based and signature dishes such as The Smashed Hit which is made with oven roasted chicken on smashed red potatoes topped with asiago and parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese and scallions, red onions, fresh garlic, cilantro and roasted pepper aioli. Other selection include the Nacho Nacho made with Waffle Fries and Spiced Beef, Bacon Overload with Shoestring fries and the famous Comatoser with Idaho thick cut chips, shrimp and double pepper jack.

Since everything is served on a Potato it’s very easy choices for vegan and gluten free diets, Curly fries seem to be the only non gluten free selection.

  • The build your own meal may remind some of Chipotle, only instead of the Tortilla or Bowl, you start with the potato.
  • Ordering Online is a new feature and Potatopia let’s you conveniently do the steps below right with a few mouse clicks.
  • STEP 1: Start with choosing your protein, selection of Oven Roasted Chicken, Marinated Sirloin Steak, Spiced Beef, BBQ Pulled Pork, Smokehouse Bacon, Cajun Shrimp, Vegetarian Chili or just a plain good old fashioned potato without toppings.
  • STEP 2:  Pick a Potato with a selection of Full Idaho Baked, Baked NC sweet, Mashed, Smashed Red Skins, Idaho “Thick Cut” chips, Shoestring Fries, Cajun Curly Fries, Waffle Cut Fries, Tator Tots, Sweet Potato Crinkle Cut Fries.
  • STEP 3: Select toppings (all free): Farmers Market Broccoli, Scallions, Red Onions, Black Olives, Fresh Garlic, Parsley, Cilantro, Marinated Tomatoes, Roasted Corn, 3 Pepper Mix, Roasted Jalapenos, Roasted Mushrooms, Jersey Cole Slaw, Hot Pepper Relish.
  • STEP 4: Choose your cheese (includes one, add extra for $.74 each) Sharp Cheddar, Asiago Parmesan Blend, Smoked Gouda, Pepperjack, Mozzarella/Provolone Blend.
  • STEP 5: Select a sauce, various style of Aioloi such as Roasted Pepper, Ranch, Garlic, Chipotle and Truffle.  Other items include Mushroom Brown Gravy, Savory Bacon, Greek Yogurt and Horseradish.
  • Now wait for your food to come – and enjoy your meal.

The message from the restaurant also promises that all items are Natural, No Hormones or Flavor Enhancers.  The chain is featured in lots of food magazines and local blogs – pictures from the restaurant social pages.

Loaded Potato

Loaded Potato

Waffle Fries

Potatopia Waffle Fries

Potatopia Aioli Sauce

Aioli Sauce


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