Restaurant on the Plaza

Also part of the Staten Island Pizza Tour, Restaurant on the Plaza is a local tradition in the heart of New Dorp, located on New Dorp Plaza.  What is it on Staten Island where each neighborhood has it’s own little longest established pizzeria that makes it a gem?

Restaurant on the plaza is not only a small pizzeria with really good meaty pies including the sausage and pepperoni which is one the best specialty slices with those meats that we had in long time, Restaurant on the Plaza is a also a full service restaurant located in the back of their main ‘Pizzeria’ where you can enjoy a full kitchen like the pasta, items from the grill, side orders, appetizers and even omelets.  Dinner specials include Picatta, Marsala, Calamari, Ziti and a full selection of Dinner Specialties which are served with bread and a side order of pasta or salad.

Restaurant on the Plaza Menu

Notes about this place:  Restaurant on the Plaza also offers free online ordering and let’s you save 10%, look for the link in their restaurant profile.

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