Restaurants Open Today: July 4th, 2015 – Staten Island

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Most importantly we wish you a very happy and safe Fourth of July – hopefully it turns out to be a wonderful day for everyone.

Okay there are many closings across Staten Island – but there are also spots remaining open.  The list below is only focused on Take Out / Delivery places provided by our online ordering team – it does not include restaurants that do not accept orders directly through our website, so the list is accurate but not 100%.  Note that we work with over 200 local establishments.

Okay here it goes (OPENED RESTAURANTS TODAY – JULY 4th, 2015):

We broke down the sections to NORTH SHORE, SOUTH SHORE, EAST SHORE and MID-ISLAND (10314)
NOTE: Links go to the restaurant pages –  Order Online by clicking the “RED-ORDER NOW” button on the page


  • 494 Chicken (American Cuisine) is well famous for Roasted, Rotisserie or Fried Chicken and much more stuff on the menu serving everything from Sandwiches to Homemade Sides, BBQ Ribs and Skirt Steaks – FREE ISLAND WIDE DELIVERY
    – In 2014 494 chicken was the number 1 delivery spot on July 4th

NORTH SHORE DELIVERY (10301, 10310, 10302 Zip Codes)

EAST SHORE (10306, 10305, 10304 Zip Codes)

SOUTH SHORE (10308, 10307, 10312, 10309)

MID-ISLAND (10314)


4th of July Flag

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