Royal Crown Restaurant Review

On a hot summer day, the few that we had this summer, sent us towards one of the “Outdoor Dining” establishments that we wrote about 2 weeks ago.  It probably was the new decorations they had placed outside to give it a tropical feel (The palm trees adding the tropical shade feel).  Royal Crown and Royal Cucina kitchen which is actually an Italian Sandwich shop and most of the menu (One Full Side) is based on “Sandwiches” which can be ordered on Panini’s, Heroes, Rolls and other breads your heart desires. 

So we arrived at about 7pm and were seated very promptly without waiting for any outside tables (luckily for us there was one table available and patrons after us had to wait for a table outside or were seated inside).  We ordered a large bottle of pellegrino and given two glasses with ice and lemon and the waitress soon after came around to take our order.  We had placed an order for a Salad and a Sandwich.  My mistake was discovered when the food came around, as I was really in the mood for a panini but forgot to say “Panini” and was brought the sandwich on a regular hero bread.  Maybe the waitress should have asked what type of bread I would prefer it on, since this place is pretty famous for there “Panini’s”, so it’s possible this wasn’t totally my fault.  Well anyways we’ll get to the review.

Atmosphere: The outdoor dining portion of the restaurant which sits right on Hylan Boulevard giving a great view of passerbys and a very clean feal to it.  The outside is now surrounded by Palm Trees which gives a Tropical Feel and is just a perfect atmosphere choice on any Summer Day (Except the rainy ones).
Service: Up to the point seating and perfect timing for drinks/water coming to the table.  Non-rushed ordering experience and good timing from when the order is received, yes not to quick and not to slow is the best. A little chat and relaxing before the food is just a perfect appetizer. My complaint on the service was that we should have been asked what type of bread we would like the sandwiches on.
Food: A great presentation of Salad and a decent presentation of the Hero (Not really a big fan of hero’s any more and prefer something different), but the picture can describe the way it looks. The portion size was great, we actually (2 people) split a Hero and the Salad and that was a simple, not too heavy dinner.  I have also ordered my self a slice (Heard that they have thin crust, so had to try it).  The salad: This was greatly enjoyed by the person eating it.  The hero had great ingredients and the arugula adding some nice zesty flavouring which I enjoy.  I know the Panini’s come with Pesto and really missed that part. The pizza slice, not your average pizzeria pizza, they offer thin crust which only a select few offer on Staten Island but was actually a decent ending to the meal.
Round-Up: A great atmosphere will definitely draw us back to visit again, next time I will order the panini and make sure I state “Panini” when ordering.  Really need to show everyone the photos of the Panini.

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