Sanma Japanese cuisine opens in Staten Island


The Original Mitoushi Sush (Staten Island) location is now home to new owners and hands on operation.  Chef Owner and Operator as well as his Partner who oversee’s the operation have taken over this well known Japanese hot spot.  Mitoushi sushi is well known for introducing half price sushi rolls to Staten Island, but with the owner far away managing Brooklyn locations, the location needed a well deserved hands on management with love for the business.

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A local business, a local mom and pop shop deserves hands on approach, that’s the reason we love our mom and pop shops.  The care that goes into each sushi restaurant on Staten island when the owner oversee’s the food coming into the business and the food going out to the customers.  With new owners of Sanma, the owners are particular and present a very high class and high regard to cleanliness and quality.  We seen this for our self as the chef was preparing an amazing special roll right in front of us and you could tell how much passion went into every twist and turn to roll up a beautifully presented roll full of fresh ingredients.

Sanma is just that now.  A hands on approach to a local business.  The new menu is extremely unique as well, not just a run of the mil reproduced menu. Sanma features quite a selection of Appetizers from Sushi Bar, Sushi Bar Entree’s including the love Boat for Three or the Spicy Combination Roll.   The restaurants unique items include Tokoyaki an appetizer which is a Mini Octopus Ball with Special Sauce.  Hamachi Kama a Grilled Yellowtail Collar served with Ponzu Sauce.  Or the Yakitori Skewers available as well.  The famous dish is the Hotate Kaiyaki a Scallop, Crab, Shrimp, Tobiko and Mushroom Baked in with Spicy Mayo served on a large Scallop Shell – this looked delicious when we saw it come out of the kitchen.

The pictures also presented by the owner look very delicate, check them out below and be sure to post a review

after dining at Staten Island’s newest Sushi spot.



Sanma is opened 7 days with Free Delivery nearly to the entire Staten Island.

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