Sister BBQ: Live Korean Cooking, You Make the Food

After discovering that Korean BBQ restaurants cook food at your table, I just could not wait to try the only Korean Restaurant on Staten Island.  Sister BBQ located on Bradley avenue brought this concept to the island a couple of years ago.  We arrived at the location Sunday afternoon and were not really pleasantly greeted,  the place was not openly welcoming to us and if it wasn’t something we had to try, we would have left before ever sitting down.  But the excitement of trying something new just kept us there as we found our way to the table (Located in the room to the left).  Please know that the main dining area serves regular food and to enjoy the experience of live cooking you would have to specifically request BBQ room.

We begin to look at the menu and the server shows us the BBQ portion which we should be ordering from.  Very confused at this point as the menu just states the meals available without any specifications on what is included, we confirm that it comes with a side of rice.  We decide on a a Fresh Sirloin BBQ and Thinly sliced Tenderloin Beef.  Soon after ordering, our server prepares the broiler and brings out 9 plates of sides, a basket of lettuce leaves and 2 sides of rice.  The excitement really starts to set in, while the meat is sitting ready to be cooked.

One entree is placed on the stove which is round  to help remove most of the oil which is drained through openings all around. We start to sample some of the sides, the cabbage with some special sauce was very delicious, sticky rice was used as a side.  While the meat was cooking the server starts to cut up the pieces and lets us know we can start eating.  Starting to put some meat in our dishes, we grab a lettuce placing some meat inside adding a few different sides from the plates, dropping some sauce and taking a bite.  Very Impressive, Very Tasty and Very Unique.  The service becomes more welcoming at this point, the presentation of all the food was unbelievable.  After finishing our first entree, (Sharing is a must as the server was only cooking a single meal at a time) comes our Thinly Sliced Tenderloin Beef and laid out on the BBQ.  Sides included are a bit spicy but have very good flavor, includes items such as Garlic, Broccoli, Cabbage, Onions, Been Sprouts, Jalapenos, Radish which made the meal as good as it was.  Every bite was enjoyed and tried with different combination.

The experience at Sister B.B.Q is a must, very enjoyable especially after we got over the (Not-so-welcoming-service). The presentation was unbelievably impressive.  And don’t mistake this with a “Hibachi” joint as the concept is different.  In this  BBQ place, the food is cooked in front of you, but you make the food and make the flavor you like.  The food all around was very Fresh, Quality Meats and nicely cut lettuce for making wraps, Sauces were impeccable, A bit spicy from some sides but made the food as good as it was.

Overall Sum-Up:  Without a doubt I would give this restaurant 5 stars but the unwelcoming service has to be taken into consideration for review appraisal. I would recommend this place to anyone for the experience, flavor and taste.

  • Atmosphere:  Very casual style dining area.  Not much design, but for some reason it just fits in what it does and we felt very comfortable sitting at the table.
  • Service: The service is what brings this place down a bit, especially upon first entrance.  Although after the food is being cooked and we start praising how good everything looks the server becomes more pleasant.
  • Food: Delicious, Fresh and very unique.  You make the food, you make the flavor concept.  Sides, Meat, Sauces all were very impressive.
  • Presentation:  A Wow Factor on Presentation, we were not expecting that we would receive the sides when we first ordered.  Cooking was to perfection right in front of your eyes, server cutting the meat was done excellent.
  • Star Rating: 4.5

Sharing Notice: Not sure if it’s possible to eat here without sharing meals as they seem to cook a single entree at one time, which would probably make a non convenient wait if not sharing.  But either way sharing is very comfortable.

Click here to View the Menus and Photos of Sister BBQ.

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