Spanish Restaurant opens in Stapleton – Sabor Machu Picchu

A widespread of Peruvian restaurants are landing on Staten Island and we got an exclusive look for the newest restaurant in the pact.  Sabor Machu Picchu is a Contemporary Restaurant, Peruvian Cuisine with a focus on Catering.   The menu brings a lot of traditional items; Soups, Appetizers and Roasted Chicken dishes.  But the fun really happens when you look at the selection of Ceviche “Raw Seafood” marinated in Lime juice.  The lime tends to cook the seafood while impacting it with lots of flavor.  On the Ceviche menu there are options of Raw Fish, Mixed Fish with Shrimp, Squid and Octopus or the Tiradito de Pescado Thinly Sliced raw fish in a tangy citric sauce.

View the complete menu of SABOR MACHU PICCHU

The restaurant takes over the long standing Los Catrachos right on Beach Street of vanderbuilt.  It’s all within walking distance to the recently opened Hop Shoppe and the restaurant going through changes the Hash Tag Bar.

The interior is renovated, beer and wine is gone and the new ownership is focused on food quality.   Plates options include Peruvian Pastas, Steaks, Plantains and Rice dishes. Lots of focus takes place on the Seafood.  The Jalea Mixta is a dish made with Fish, Shrimp, Calamari, Octopus, Fried Cassava and topped with Onion & Tomatoes.  Weekend Specials such as T-Bone Steak, Kebabs and Chicken with Sausage Parilla are available.

Sabur Machu also offers Combo Platters for Delivery including options such as The $23.95 special comes with 1 Whole chicken, Avocado Salad, French Fries, Rice & Beans, and a 2 Liter Inka Cola. The Second special of the batch is a $29.95 deal served with Whole Chicken, French Fries, Beef Sausages, Fried Plantains, Mixed Salad, Rice & Beans, French Fries and a 2lter soda


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