Sponsored Staten Island Pizza Tour

A Sponsored Pizza Tour.  Many Pizzeria’s on Staten Island, Which one’s should you try?

Let’s get to the Tour (Note: only sponsors are included in this tour, you can click links of their name to enter their restaurant page with Menus & Photos & User Reviews, Enjoy)

There are many great pizzeria’s around the borough, you can almost say it’s non-stop pizza parlors every single shopping plaza and commons center of Staten Island and we will agree most are great, serving decent slices of pizza, offering quick bites to full family dinners for great prices.  Most Pizzeria’s provide convenient and free delivery service with very small minimums, especially during day time hours,  getting a pie, slice or a chicken roll is never a problem, finding the good ones sometimes is.

On the South Shore we have Fratelli Pizzeria which offers Family Style dining in their new eat-in dining room with wait staff table service, Fratelli offers great specials each night of the week, they vary from Pasta Nights to Kids Eat Free, Traditional Lunch Specials.  This restaurant is known for being the neighborhood go-to for family dining and has also been reviewed by the Staten Island Advance which was famed for being “Staten Island’s Newest Hot-spot”

On the other side we look at My Family Pizza on the North Shore of Staten Island, everyone already loved My Pizza for always having fresh Specialty Slices, when they opened up on Castleton Avenue, there was no doubt that this well established community would love this place.  Another nearby pizzeria from nearby locations is NY’s Best Pizza (New York’s Best Pizza), the pride that went into the place and quality of the ingredients has impressed us from the start, non to forget about the cars that they had specially made to represent the pizzeria with large pizza’s flying in the sky, it’s impossible to miss when they are delivering to your neighbors.

An important new style of Pizza’s came to Staten Island during the past two years, Authentic Recipe Sicilian Style Pizza, the other side of North Shore we have Original Sicilian Pizza in which when you try a slice you are guaranteed to love it and also remember to try their spumoni while you relax outside with their outdoor tables.  On Richmond Avenue we have Sharkey’s Square with a similar concept of being established and loved by visitors for their Square Slice, in addition they serve Uncle Louie G’s Authentic Ices.

Looking at the Lower Part of Staten Island, we have some great Pizza Selections around here, entering Staten Island you have a choice of Paul’s Pizza and Pasta located right next to Sand Lane.  When you enter, you will be impressed by the various number of specialty slices they serve, always looking neat and well prepared, but the taste and the quality of ingredients, you’ll grow fond of Paul’s and become a regular patron, especially if you are in the neighborhood.  Driving further down Hylan, towards the South we are welcomed by Brooklyn’s Finest, a recently opened pizzeria which has famed items from Brooklyn which you can very rarely find in the average Pizzeria, Have you tried the Panelle Special, sandwiches are named of Brooklyn Neighborhoods, to give it that particular ‘Brooklyn-Feel’, The Mill Basin, Cobble Hill, Park Slope are all found on the menu under sandwiches.

We also can’t forget about the just opened Grandma’s Pizza on Bay Street also promising to use great quality ingredients and offer a specialty Grandma slice which is supposed to be really good, but of course we’ll wait to hear your opinions before we rush to judgement.

On Staten Island we also lucky to have Pronto Pizza, which has become a Staple and is mentioned in every questionnaire that we have ever asked on Facebook or other Social Media. They are known for having one of the best (if not the best) Pan Pizza’s and Buffalo Chicken Slices on Staten Island.  You can look at many videos produced of their Pizza Makers spinning pie’s, their large selection of specialty also can’t be overlooked, Pronto Pizza offers convenient online ordering and even gives our visitors 15% off when they use the coupon code ‘WhereYouEat’ at Checkout.  Here is a list of all Pronto Pizza’s on Staten Island.

So now you know, that no matter how many pizza places on the Island, we only offer to promote the best around each neighborhood.


To be accepted into the Pizza Review Tour on Staten Island please read the following statement.
Let’s check out our rules and how we make sure these places would be satisfying to our visitors, because after all, that is most important to satisfy our visitors more than any kind of quick buck.  Restaurants as well as Pizzeria’s are only accepted if they have over 75% votes and no less than 3 Star Rating total, of course this does not apply to New Restaurants, which is why we only allow for a certain term sign up to see how our visitors react, if you like them, we keep them, if you strongly feel negative about that establishment, they are gone.

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