Raising the Standard

Standard Burger in Staten Island has just “Raised the Standard” – and is set to reopen sometime in the coming weeks

The concept was always great and the standards were always high in the Great Kills establishment that was focused mainly on “Burgers”.  But the environment may have had a bit “Fast Food” feel which the management wanted to change.  A few weeks ago the neighborhood burger spot closed it’s doors and put up signs that read “Raising the Standard”.   It’s a renovation that will be aired on CNBC “The Profit” show which focuses on taking struggling local businesses and revamping the entire operations.

Some photos from the original Standard Burger which was opened since 2012


Interior Standard Burger


Interior overlooking Counters


Interior Standard Burger Side


Overlooking main dining area




Side yard (should be the open outdoor dining)

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From the photos we can see the restaurant does feature an outdoor area which is most likely to become an outdoor pub area.  The entire place in previews from the local paper has a rustic feel with wood as the interior decoration.  This could become a Staten Island hot spot and definitely a great addition to Great Kills and the entire South Shore of Staten Island.  At least if they live up to the expectations of raising the standard.

Standard Burger is known for organizing many events including a competitive eating costs held in the outside patio which attracted a huge crowed.  The restaurant also organized many charity events in the past.   As published on their official website – Standard Burger gives many charitable donations to local charities and sponsor the American Cancer Society Golf Outing.   They have participated in Eat Meat Challenge and have honored the “Eat Cheeseburger Challenge”.

The restaurant is located is located at 4115 Hylan Blvd, 10308 and features a private parking lot, previously the restaurant offered delivery and partnered with us to allow for convenient ordering which we are hoping would continue with the new establishment.   The restaurant was rated a solid 4 Stars and received many uploads of people sharing food and burgers. The menu featured items such as The Brunch Burger made with Fried Egg and American Cheese.  Credential Burger made with two patties, bacon, creamy avocado spread, aged blue cheese, cheddar cheese and a sliced green apple.  Also most importantly was the “Build your own Burger” with unlimited toppings.

Standard Burger with Crunch

Burger with Dorito Chips

Standard Burger

Standard Burger

Brunch Burger from Standard

The Brunch Burger

Looking forward to the opening, please check back as we will report on it the day it open.

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