Staten Island Pizza Review Tour

Coming soon to the Restaurant Scoop section of is Staten Island’s Pizza review tour.
We will find the Best Pizza on Staten Island, With your help of course.’s Staten Island Pizza ‘Review’ Tour will be different from all the rest:
Here’s how we plan to do it

  • We will have a category for every style (Regular, Sicilian, Square, Grandma, Calamari…)
  • When ordering a slice, we will ask the Pizzeria “What is there most famous/Best seller pie/slice)
  • That pizzeria will be entered and based only on that category “Style”.

There are currently about 165 Pizzeria’s on this island.  We will sample the top most active Pizzerias (Based on user views) on the website, hear your suggestions to witch one you feel should be included (Please reply to this post), and ask fans of our social networks.  We will add photos of each pizza tasted with a brief description and at the end select a winner from each category.

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