Top 8 Greek Restaurants on Staten Island

Staten Island, land of Pizza, Chinese and Japanese has seen a new trend take over and islanders are welcoming the new additions; Authentic Greek restaurants offering both Delivery and Dine in have opened across the island in just the past year alone.  Here is a custom list featuring the Top 8 Greek Restaurant delivery spots on Staten Island!  Most of these restaurants are 100% mom and pop operations with family passed down recipes.

  1. Kuzina Greek Kitchen (Huguenot Location)

    Virtually not one Greek Specialty restaurant on the South Shore, Kuzina expanded from their Old Town location approximately one year ago to serve their famous Gyros and Platters including traditional homemade specialties such as Spanakopita Spinach Pie, Bifteki and Salmon Filet.

  2. How Greek It Is (Original Dmitri’s Gyro Joint on Castleton Avenue)

    After originally opening doors on Castleton Avenue, Dmitri quickly grew a loyal following across Staten Island by being the ONLY restaurant serving an authentic Homemade Greek Style Gyro made with Slow Roasted Marinated Rotisserie Pork.  The restaurant relocated late last year to be closer to home.

  3. Mike Jr’s Oakwood

    This Diner is really a Greek Restaurant at the roots, and plus it is 100% independent from other diners on Staten Island.  While the menu features a full diner selection with American, Italian specials; The Greek Classics, Platters such as Chicken Kabobs, Shis Kababs and homemade classics including Moussaka, Pastichio and Spinach pie is where the heart is.

  4. Gogo’s Souvlaki King

    one of Staten Islands longest standing mom and pop owned Greek Restaurant (Since 1971!!) has stumbled across a few changes in the past few years, but the owners state the kitchen is original and the menu offerings are as well.  The restaurant well known for Island-Wide late night delivery is now part deli on the front, original kitchen in the back – and still offers the same delivery service

  5. The Gavel Grill

    is a Luncheonette located in the St George area with a large emphasis on the Greek Corner with Gyro’s, Souvlaki Pork, Greek Salads and Combos – the restaurant is the only Greek Option in the entire St George region.

  6. New Dakota Diner

    is another ‘Diner’ restaurant with it’s heart as a Greek traditional.  While Dakota offers great ‘Italian Specials’, Pastas and Sandwiches, many of Dakota Diner’s offering are Seafood Based Specials using the Greek Cooking method. Dakota also famous for their Chicken Kebab served on skewers over rice pilaf – this traditional dish has been rated across the board as the best chicken on Staten Island

  7. Mike’s Unicorn Diner

    While this list is focused on “Mom and Pop” restaurants, Unicorn part of one of the great Mike’s Diners on Staten Island joins us as this is the owners baby. Mike is always on premise therefore traditional dishes as well as all others come out top notch, it’s just how it works with the owners touch.  Unicorn offers delivery until 2am daily and with Greek Appetizers such as Hummus, Spinach PIe and Stuffed Grape Leaves – Full selection of Greek Specialties fill the menu.

  8. Its’ the Original Mike’s Place

    That’s right, while the original location was up the block next to the train station – Mike’s Place on New Dorp still remains the “Original” of Mike’s Diner.  The menu is the same, with its’ offerings of American, Greek Specials includes all the homemade dishes.

Hopefully this Greek List helps you find the perfect Greek Restaurant for you!  Remember to write a review on their listing page.

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