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Agnante Meze is an American, Greek and Mediterranean restaurant located in Bay Ridge at the address 7802 5th Avenue.  The restaurant offers Alcohol, Beer & Wine, Wait Staff service with dine in feature, catering, take out and delivery.  Agnante-Meze has a neat open style layout which gives it the outdoor dining feel during the summer.  It has a really nice Brick-Style decoration on the inside, using cloths under glass on top of dining tables.  Very clean, sleek atmosphere that is pleasant for everyday dining as well as special occasions.

The menu (recently updated) features items from Appetizers such as Santorini Fava which is mashed yellow split peas, topped with chopped onions & herbs, tyrokafteri (Spicy cheese spread), Russian Salad, Ntakos.  The Agnante Meze Hot Appetizer have items such as the Agnanti Wrap which is thinly rolled pasty wrapped around creamy cheese and bacon, spartan kayianas which are the scrambled eggs cooked with cured pork, fresh tomatoes and olive oil as well as the Mushroom Kalitsounia from crete and many other app items which range from $6 to $14, with the Fish Meze Alaskan Salmon wrapped in grape leaves being served for $9.50.

Greek Feta Cheese, Cheese Saragli and the Traditional Saganaki are all found on the “Cheeses” menus with prices ranging at the $8 – $9 range, authentic soups ‘Trahanas’ can be had for $7.50.  Salads feature the Greek, Village, Salmon, Traditional, Farmers and Politiki which give it the origination Greek cuisine style feel, especially the Goat Cheese being included in some salads as well as feta.

The Agnanti Specialty is the Rooster Cooked in Tomato Sauce with imported Pasta Squares for 17 Bucks.

A nice portion of the menu features Seafood Creations with prices at a very fair $16 to $21 (Pretty cheap for seafood dishes that include items like this):  Grilled Salmon which is served with lemon and oil or spetsi9otisa sauce, fresh tomatoes, onions, feta and dill), Grilled Shrimp, Midia Krasata, Aegean Pasta, Kalamarakia and Sardeles.

Meat (Chicken Menu) at Agnante Meze has the Brizola, Grilled POrk Chop, Chicken Fillet, Biftekia and other unique dishes.  Tastes of Constantinople is also found on their menu with items like the Pastroumali which is the thinly sliced dried beef and cheese wrapped in fyllo, bekri-meze is chungs of meat saute in red wine, yogurt kebab features the ground meat patties on pita with yogurt and tomato sauce, Sigar Bourek is the fried homemade dough-rolls stuffed with a variety of cheese.

The menu terms using similar to Turkish and other regional cuisine has a different way of writing out dishes.


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