Grand Opening: Falansai Vietnamese Restaurant

May 29, 2013 by  
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An authentic Vietnamese Restaurant opens up in Brooklyn and it’s first impression does not give off the take out sandwich place or pho soup, although it is served at Falansai, it feels more of a dine in restaurant, full service Vietnamese Cuisine. The menu does offer the Baguette Sandwich, Banh Mi Olive Pate, Grilled Chicken or Grilled Pork.  Standard Noodle and Rice Imperial Rolls served with Vermicelli.  Summer Rolls go for $7, Dad’s Shrimp Rolls which served using Diced Shrimp with jicama and shiitake mushrooms in a crispy tofu paper wrap are found on the lunch menu.   Pho, Noodle Soup goes for $10, Beef Noodle Soup with Brisket and Rare Flank or the Pho Chai, Soup of Snap peas with Mushrooms and Okra in chicken broth.


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Falansai is located at 112 harrison place, in 11237 Brooklyn New York.  The restaurant is opened for Lunch and Dinner (Closed Mondays) and Closed in between Lunch and Dinner.