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New Israeli Grill opens in Brooklyn – My Grill Bar in Midwood

My Grill Bar in Midwood

The brand-new Israeli Grill comes to 1022 Avenue location of Midwood, Brooklyn. My Grill Bar in Midwood serves shawarma, sandwiches and salads. The restaurant provides tables and chairs for its customers for dining. Click here to view the Full Menu

Hero Shop in Midwood- NEW Sandwich Bar opens in Brooklyn

Hero Shop in Midwood

Choose from the wide range of Sandwiches at brand new Hero Shop in Midwood! The Sandwich bar serves Hamburgers, Tossed Salads, Tacos, French Toast, Philly Cheese Steak, and more. The Hero Shop offers Breakfast all the day which includes Bagels,

Steakhouse and Grill in Coney Island Avenue

Steakhouse and Grill in Coney Island Avenue

Affy’s Premium Grill opens its doors at Midwood. The eatery offers dine in and take out service and serves Cheese Quesadilla, Dusted Chicken Wings, Chili Nachos, and more. Steakhouse and Grill in Coney Island Avenue serves all time favorite Burger

Brooklyn Delight brings Multi-Cuisine in Midwood

Brooklyn Delight

The new restaurant Brooklyn Delight brings multi-cuisine in Midwood. The restaurant serves American, Chinese and Kosher food dishes and offers Lunch Specials at $10.49! Brooklyn’s restaurant offers Wait Staff/Dine in, Catering and Take out services. View the complete MENU for

New Dessert Cafe in Midwood – Red Mango

New Dessert Cafe in Midwood

1222 Kings Hwy Brooklyn gets a brand new dessert cafe in Midwood. The Red Mango Cafe offers Take out service and opens daily from 11 AM onward. The menu includes Fresh Probiotic Yogurts, Freshly Squeezed Sweet Green Zing, Smoothies and

Joseph Dream Burger in Midwood – Burgers and Sandwiches

Joseph Dream Burger in Midwood

Enjoy take out and wait staff/dine in services at Joseph Dream Burger in Midwood. Enjoy new Burgers and Sandwiches with Special Joseph’s Sauces! The menu includes Chipotle Sauce which is prepared using Special Chipotle Spanish Red Peppers with olive oil

Rondel – New Russian Restaurant in Midwood


Enjoy wait staff/dine in service at the new Russian Restaurant in Midwood. Rondel situated at 2006Coney Island Avenue serves Greek Salad which is made from Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions, Pastrami with olives and feta cheese. The restaurant’s menu includes Cold Appetizers,

New Pizzeria in Midwood opens Daily – L’Chaim Cafe

L'Chaim Cafe

The brand new Pizzeria in Midwood serves 20″ Large Pizza Pie at 33.33% off. The cafe located at 1017 Avenue K offers Delivery and Take out service. All the Specials starts at $4 only. The menu includes Calzones, Appetizers, Salad

Grand Opening: Spicy Nonna Pizza in Midwood


Spicy Noona gets a wide range of Pizzas at 2916 Avenue M location in Midwood. The brand new Pizzeria opens Monday – Saturday from 11 AM – 7 PM and Sunday from 12 PM – 6 PM. Please post your

Grand Opening: Savor Cafe in Midwood

Savor Cafe serving Kosher food opens its doors in Midwood. The cafe offers Soup of the Day, Apple Crisp, Falafel, Pastels, Hot Lava Cake, Moroccan Cigars, House Salad, Grilled Eggplant, Hot Brownie, Cookie Monster, etc. Click here to view the