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Pokebab in Williamsburg – NEW Japanese Restaurant

Pokebab in Williamsburg

Pokebab in Williamsburg brings new and trendy Japanese cuisine in Brooklyn. The restaurant is located at 209 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg and offers take out and wait staff service. Click here to view the full menu The restaurant provides square

Grand Opening: Sky Bar and Grill in Williamsburg

The brand new Sky Bar and Grill opens up at Grand Street in Brooklyn. The restaurant serves American Cuisine and offers delivery, wait staff/dine in and take out service. The Breakfast menu includes food items like 2 Eggs, Eggs Benedict,

Grand Opening: Gua-Cu-Co in Williamsburg

Gua-Cu-Co opens its doors at Starr Street. The brand new restaurant serves Sandwiches and Venezuelan cuisine. The menu includes food dishes like Calamares Frito En Salsa Verde, Mazorca, Mini Cachapa, Plataano Maduro Frito, Soup of the day, etc. Click here

Grand Opening: The Squeeze in Williamsburg

Enjoy delicious food and high powered healthy fuel at the brand new location in Williamsburg. The Squeeze serves cold Pressed Juices from Beet, Apple, Cucumber, Carrot and Ginger. The restaurant’s healthy drinks include Cold Pressed Juices, Elixirs, Boosters, Living Lattes