Kabagbi Opens in Bay Ridge

It’s an open style Middle Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine with Shawarma Spindles and fresh meats on open display. Kababgi just opened last week on 5th avenue is already creating quite a storm with it’s delicious offerings. The clean straight forward menu has lots of fast prepared items as well as oven baked specials.

View the complete Kabagbi menus right here 

The restaurant features just one main dining room, kitchen on the left and dining tables on the right with an open dining feel, it is classified under our ‘Fast Casual Section’ eatery and approximate wait time for most dishes are 5 minutes – while most dishes are prepared fresh, the setup creates this ability. Most restaurants these days are fast casual.

ON THE MENU: Standard Middle Eastern Apps such as Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, Labneh, Hindbeh and Grape Leaves as well as Chicken Liver served with Sundried Tomatoes and Molasses.  Chicken Wings, Soujok, Makanik and Batata Harrah all fill the rest of the apps portion.

Selection of a few salads including the Cracked Wheat Tabbouleh, the Lebanese Salad made with Cucumber and Lettuce in a Fresh Mint Garlic Sauce or the standard Spinach Salad served with Sumac Spices and Walnuts. – Pricing is very reasonable at $5 – $8 for a salad.  Sandwiches can be had in Bread or on a Plate, Beef Shawarma, Chicken Shawarma, Shish Kabab, SHish Tawook, Kufta and a few others fill this section up which brings up to the rotisserie and the Oven Section.

Oven Baked ethnic specials such as Meat Pie, Zaatar Pie, Cheese or Spinach Pie as well as DZ Small Pies are available on display.  Kababgi Grill Offers a selectin of Mixed Meats or the option of various styles of Chicken, Adana, Tawook and a few others.

The restaurant is in it’s SOFT OPENING as the restaurant owner wants to make sure everything is running smooth before they officially announce they are open.  It is open 7 Days with Free Delivery available to the entire Bay Ridge neighborhood.

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