Pho 90 Opens in Bay Ridge

It’s a brand new Vietnamese / Japanese cuisine mix with the name “Sakura Bay” and “Pho 90”.  You can say this is a fusion mixed with Vietnamese food and they have a full menu of Vietnamese specials.

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ink above is the OFFICIAL menu provided by the restaurant
– We do not list MARKED UP menu prices you find on National Online Ordering Portals

The menu is broken up in two sides, the first side is focused everything on a full Japanese Cuisine & kitchen. Everything from rolls to party trays and entree’s such as Teriyaki platter and Katsu Entree’s can be ordered for take-out or delivery.  Dinner bento boxes for $16.95 are served with soup, salad, dumpling, california roll, shrimp and vegetable tempura and rice.  Options of the bento box include Chicken Teriyaki, Beef, Shrimp or Salmon Teriyaki along with Katsu and Tonkatsu.

But you can get Japanese at any corner in Bay Ridge, so let’s get to the good parts.  The second side is Vietnamese Food. While they do have a lot and hit on every corner of the cuisine, they do miss a lot of the specialties.  Let’s compare what’s on the menu and what’s missing.  Vietnamese house special dishes made with Angel Hair noodle are on the menu with selection of Pork, Chicken, Meat ball and Grilled Shrimp.  Curry Beef Stew is on as well as all famous summer and spring rolls and even a papaya salad.  Pho soup is on the menu, but they are missing the special all meats soup that’s usually served with all parts of the animal including stomach, tendon, brisket and eye of round. At Pho 90 unfortunately their Pho Special comes with slide fillet beef, brisket and a beef ball.  It’s good to fill a certain craving, most people don’t go for the Tendon and Tripe anyways so the restaurant figured to cut it straight from the servings.  Rice Dishes such as Pork Chop, Chicken and Rice Noodle platters are all on the menu.  Vermicelli served with Pickled Vegetables is on the menu, Sauteed dishes with Chicken, Beef or Shrimp served in various styles such as lemongrass or saute sauces is all good to go.  Unfortunately at this time Pho 90 is not serving squid, but they do offer a Ramen Menu selection made with Pork Broth served with slice stewed pork, fish cake, egg, bean sprouts, corn carrots and scallions.  We prefer the Pho broth over the Ramen due to it’s cleaner feel and the star anise flavor of the bone broth that comes from the Pho.

But the restaurant does take into consideration and even makes a Soybean Broth for Vegetarians.

Pho 90 is opened 7 days, Free Delivery and take Out.  There is very limited seating so we will classify this as a take out only restaurant.

More pictures are visible on their listing page, linked above

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