Zeke’s Roast Beef

Now located at the previous place of Ziggy’s, Zeke’s is originally from Staten Island.   Zeke’s roast beef is probably the only restaurant that specializes in Roast Beef in Bay Ridge.  Sure you can go almost any diner or American place and get a roast beef, but that’s what Zeke’s does best!

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A little about the establishment, it is neat and clean, modernly tasty and a pleasure to eat in.  We had the opportunity twice to try one of their sandwiches which we had with onions and it was very tasty, somewhat that ‘melt in your mouth’ tasting, not soggy, just that good, somewhat like that fall off the bone ribs.  It really is worth a try, especially for the price.

Zeke’s also offers Free Delivery to almost the entire Bay Ridge Brooklyn Area, $10 min and they even offer catering right on their menu.
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