New Features Released

It’s true that WhereYouEat has been improving since the day we launched about 5 years ago.  Still can’t believe it was that long and simply how fast time flies.  Anyways this isn’t a personal blog, I know so lets get to the point.

About 2 weeks ago we released a Address Search, letting you type in your current location and viewing all restaurants sorted by closest distance to you. This search is POWERFUL and accurate, you’ll love using it.  We give you the option of searching for Dine In restaurants or Delivery as well as options to show only certain cuisines.

So imagine you are visiting a friend in an unfamiliar area, selecting a zip code may give you too much of a broad result or not show enough results as you are sitting on the cutting area in between zip codes and the restaurant down the block is located in the next area or zip…  That’s where this comes into play as it focuses on distance and can go as high as three miles.

From the Front Page or any page you can click the button “RADIUS SEARCH” in the header or just type in your address instead of selecting a city.

RELEASEAnd Pow! The results are displayed. Hopefully this helps make using WhereYouEat more better than ever.  We are always listening to your suggestions, just e-mail us at, or comment here, or click the “Contact Us” on the site..



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