A brand new Asian restaurant opens it’s doors in Eltingville, Yum Yum Eastern builds off it’s first original location on Forest Avenue.  The food is Japanese with an Asian Twist, Appetizers include Shumai and Gyoza, Thai Calamari, Crispy Duck Roll and Sapporo Ribs.   The menu is extensive enough to feature Udon noodles and Fusion Entree’s such as Wasabi Filet Mignon and Pan Seared Jumbo Shrimp.

Click here to view the menu of Yum Yum Eastern

Items such as Ramen Soup not found at many Staten Island locations includes a selection of Shoyu Ramen a soy sauced based soup, Tonkotsu Ramen a Prok Broth Based soup and a Miso Ramen.  Dinner Selections include a twisth of Standard Chinese, General Tso’s Chicken, Szechuan Crsipy Beef and Szechuan Hot Pepper Chicken.  Back to Japan side of the cuisine, choice of Hibachi Entree’s go for price of $15 to $28 depending on Vegetable or Lobster.

Yum Yum Eastern also features Sushi Entree’s and is serving Lunch.  Kitchen Lunchboxes go for $9 and Udon Noodle Soup can be had for $9.50.
The restaurant features a full dining room and on-site parking.

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