Authentic Chinese comes to Grant City


A Culinary Chef opens Chef Jan Kitchen in Grant City

Winner of the 2014 World Cup Culinary Competition, Chef Jan opens a restaurant in the heart of Grant City.  The location home to the famous Corner House for many many years is now a Chinese Cuisine.

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The restaurant retains the bar area and now features a new dining room making it a total of three, great for private parties as the restaurant management mentioned while we were doing a shoot.

The menu and offerings are similar to standard Chinese of Szechuan, Hunan and Mandarin.  The specials from the “Chef” include Mongolian Spicy Lamp Spare Ribs, Chicken with Eggplant Feast, Szechuan Seafood triple delight and the Hong Shao Rou which is a classic pork dish from Mainland China, cooked using pork belly and a combination of ginger, garlic, aromatic spices, chili peppers, sugar, light and dark soy sauce with rice wine.

Healthy Section as well as all the standards fill the rest of the menu. Prices are a bit high; $1.0.95+ for lunch specials, $2.50 for egg rolls, Standard Dishes come in at $14.95 – $18.95.  Maybe portions are large but we have yet to try it and will post on their page as soon as we get dish photos.


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